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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. CONTRIBUTIONS TO ChIldReN'S lITeRATURe •They collected oral folk tales and fairy tales and published them. •Brothers Grimm were more intent on capturing the genuine oral tradition •Children’s and Household Tales (2 volumes). •The Grimms made major contributions in many fields, notably in the studies of heroic myth and the ancient religion and law.
  2. 2. •Brothers Grimm argued that folktales should be recorded and presented in print form as close as possible to the original mode. •However, in practice the tales were modified; but the cores of the stories were left untouched. •There are a lot of Disney children’s books and comics adaptations of their best-known stories. There are differences, similarities, and social issues in the Grimm Brothers versions and the Disney versions
  3. 3. CONCLUSIONSCONCLUSIONS The fairy-tale collection Oral tradition of Germany.  Not entertainers of childrenPatriotic folklorists Unique combination of fantasy and reality.
  4. 4. Thank you very muchThank you very much For your aTTenTionFor your aTTenTion!! Alejandro Creus Leira Ignacio Juez Sáez Daniel Ladrón Delgado