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Mobile WEB to WAP/Mobi conversions

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Mobile Services

  1. 1. WAP and MOBI services MicroMedia USA Mark Cyr April 2009
  2. 2. WAP and MOBI services - Architecture Architecture Our Partners ask: Why use MicroMedia hosting service for the mobile version ? . The answer is simple: Mobile versions are not the simple pages you may know from the Internet. We have to generate a large number of versions to utilize the various handset possibilities. There is a very sophisticated system we run on our side that manages: <ul><li>handset recognition knowledge management (data formats, resolutions, memory limits, etc.) </li></ul><ul><li>output optimization processes like image fitting </li></ul><ul><li>the statistics and reporting module that collects knowledge about your mobile visitors </li></ul>All these functions are fully covered by the MicroMedia framework which is unique worldwide. Our systems are secure and we guarantee ongoing 24/7 monitoring.
  3. 3. WAP and MOBI services - steps Key steps to success We believe in a simple cooperative process of WAP/MOBI development where both partners contribute with their piece to reach a mutual goal. The most common tasks are following: Partner (you)                                                     MicroMedia                                       2 . sub-domain registration 3 . protocol for data exchange                                     6 . marketing 1 . service design 4 . development 5 . testing 7 . service hosting and reporting of statistics Clear definition of the expected result and ongoing mutual communication are the keys to success.
  4. 4. WAP and MOBI services - Design Service Design We take inspiration from your website and propose a draft of the mobile version that is consistent with the online version. During the first step of development we discuss the application structure. After that we continue with the proposal of graphic design. We provide you with ongoing updates to enable you to control the development process.
  5. 5. WAP and MOBI services -Hosting Sub-domain registration Your company runs the web version of the project. MicroMedia runs the mobile version. There are two servers and we have to divide http traffic between them. All Internet browsers will continue to access your server while the mobile handsets will be redirected to our server farm. The easiest way to manage this logic is to register special sub-domain for mobile users like m. yourserver .com
  6. 6. MicroMedia – WAP and MOBI - protocol Data exchange protocol As you already know a mobile version is hosted by the MicroMedia framework which requires the data exchange between your servers and our servers. There are two possible solutions: a ) data transfer for mobile version is done manually via web forms b ) data transfer for mobile version is fully automatic based on XML exchange protocol What does XML exchange protocol mean? It is a simple document with a fixed structure set by agreement of the technicians of the Partner and MicroMedia. The document is hosted on the Partner's server and MicroMedia framework connects at a set frequency to download fresh data from your system. Sample: <article> <title>President loves you</title> <text>dfdafdffaffdffdfffffffdfdffdfdffdfsfsdfadfasffffdffdfdsf</text> </article> <article> <title>President loves you</title> <text>dfdafdffaffdffdfffffffdfdffdfdffdfsfsdfadfasffffdffdfdsf</text> </article>
  7. 7. Reporting We will answer your questions regarding: How many unique users do you have? How many pages do they read? How much time do they spend there? Which phones do they use? Where do they come from? … .. ... and much more
  8. 8. Promotion – WAP emulator Use our WAP emulator for self-promotion on website Are you looking for a simple way to promote your new mobile service to your customers? We will provide you with our WAP emulator . Implementation is easy. Just copy and paste a simple embedded object into your website source code and that is all. 
  9. 9. Let Us Build Your Mobile World! MicroMedia USA Mark Cyr 655 Park Shore Drive, Naples Florida [email_address] Phone 239-430-7003