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VAS – The Future of Mobile Industry


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VAS – The Future of Mobile Industry

  1. 1. VAS – The Future of Mobile Industry Suleyman Aliyev
  2. 2. Mobile Value Added Services are showing rapid and dynamic growth in recent times and enhancing the utility of mobile phones , thus have assumed significant importance in Mobile Industry. Therefore VAS require creative approach and innovative ideas to shape the Future of Mobile Industry.2
  3. 3. Worldwide MVAS Revenues Industry analysts believe that mobile data services revenue totaled $314.7 billion in 2011, a 22.5 percent increase from 2010 revenue of $257 Mobile Data Service Revenues billion.* worldwide (US dollars ‘billion)** 400 356 387 314 300 257 200 100 0 2010 2011 2012* 2013* *Source: Iqbal Siraj, U-Mobile, Malaysia, New Products Head **Source: Informa Telecoms & Media; 2010
  4. 4. Non-voice Revenues, worldwideDespite of big percentage of VAS in developed countries, in Azerbaijan (Based on Non-voice revenues across countries Azercell numbers) VAS (% of overall mobile revenues)** forming about 15% of total revenue.*Singapore 32 USA 30 China 27 This number indicates Japan 27 Korea 26 potential future growthof UK 21 of MVAS in Azerbaijan.Germany 21 Avarage 23 Italy 17 India 10 *Source: Tural Nabizade, VAS Management, Azercell, “Successful Partnering initiation” **Source: IAMAI Paper, BWA – Analyst Presentation, June 2010
  5. 5. Worldwide MVAS growth rate Growth rate of revenues from Mobile Data Services in different regions indicates that the VAS usage will be more intensive. Mobile Data Service revenue growth rate (2012, compared to 2011)* 25% 20% 19% 16,10% 15% 13,30% 10% 8,40% 5% 0% Worldwide EU USA BRIC *Source: EITO, IDATE, Statista 2012
  6. 6. MVAS in Azercell BASIC SERVICES * SPECIAL SERVICES * 0.Facebook service Itemized Bills via Internet "3 in 1" Service Fleet Management Azercell Wi-Fi Fixed GSM Portal 111 Bulk SMS Azercell BlackBerry SMS profile Messaging Mobile Marketing Mobile Internet services Virtual Office Call Management Infotainment Payment and Balance SIM-card operations MobilMetro service *Source: Azercell,
  7. 7. Future Perspective My Proposals 1 M-Commerce 2 M-Governance 3 M-Health 4 M-Education7
  8. 8. Future Perspective 1 M-Commerce Retail, Banking, and transactions over the mobile phone. Current implementation of M-Commerce initiatives* Service Category Service Mobile Banking Alerts Information Information Services such as Stock Quotes Mobile Banking transactions Application Mobile Ticketing Savings Account Enablement Enable Payments *Source: Deloitte ASSOCHAM MVAS Study, pg. 28
  9. 9. Future Perspective 2 M-Governance Strategy and utilization of all kinds of mobile technology services, applications and devices for improving the delivery of effective governance services for all citizens. Current implementation of M-Commerce initiatives* Service Category Service Direct Messages to citizens Information about tax, transport, emergency situations, etc. Reporting Criminal Offence Application Citizens Tax Payments Enablement mVoting on various issues *Source: Deloitte ASSOCHAM MVAS Study, pg. 46
  10. 10. Future Perspective 3 M-Health M-Health is the use of mobile devices in health solutions such as personal apps, patient monitoring systems, updates and alerts, etc. Current implementation of M-Commerce initiatives* Service Category Service Education and awareness around Information chronic, widespread diseases Disease surveillance and epidemic Application outbreak tracking Telemedicine Diagnostic and treatment support Enablement Remote Monitoring, data collection *Source: Deloitte ASSOCHAM MVAS Study, pg. 41
  11. 11. Future Perspective 4 M-Education Training and learning related content for organizations, educational institutions, citizens etc. Current implementation of M-Commerce initiatives* Service Category Service Exam alerts/ results/ issuance of Information registration id/ question papers etc. Language training - Audio Application and Text based Mobile reading Teacher Training Enablement Distant Education *Source: Deloitte ASSOCHAM MVAS Study, pg. 34
  12. 12. Thank You ! Contacts Suleyman Aliyev Tel: +994 50 750 4724 E-mail: 26 October 201212