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Sponsorship e-book detailing quotations and information from existing operator clients from past events.

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Sponsor e book telecoms

  1. 1. Sponsor eBookJanuary - June 2011A targeted platform for Marketingand Business Development
  2. 2. ContentsJump to a section The future is calling: Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 and beyond Opportunities to sponsor Forward schedule Companies we’ve worked with About Telecoms IQ
  3. 3. “Video is expected torepresent 91% ofinternet traffic.”Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband
  4. 4. The future is calling:Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 & beyond. What is changing for network operators over the next year? Same old issues? “The most pressing issue for the industry is from the broadband and data side. There is a seismic shift in the volume of data traffic travelling through the telecoms infrastructure. There is an ongoing need for speed amongst our broadband customers, driven by a range of high bandwidth applications, in particular video. Consumer behaviour and internet usage is changing, with trends moving increasingly towards ‘bandwidth-hungry’ applications (e.g. YouTube, Online Gaming, and Movie Downloads). Video, alone, is expected to represent 91% of global Internet traffic by 2013, from 33% today.” Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband,
  5. 5. The future is calling:Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 & beyond. So, what effect is this traffic increase having on your company? “There is a requirement to invest in Next Generation Networks. Teams need to expand to manage the introduction of this new functionality to bring new speeds to the market. Major investment upgrade programmes are certainly underway in Eircom, and in most other major Telcos worldwide. Introducing charging whereby customers can prioritise their traffic will be a key area of focus. Assisting both consumers and business in doing this through ‘Quality of Service (QoS)’ or via technologies such as ‘Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)’ is key in order to generate new revenue. Now, more than ever, a charging policy that maximises revenues and limits churn is absolutely critical for the survival of many Telecommunications companies, let alone for improving results.” Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband,
  6. 6. “Voice revenue ispredicted to be gonewithin 5 years.”Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband
  7. 7. The future is calling:Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 & beyond. Any emerging topics for the industry in 2015? “Revenue generated from voice is widely predicted to be dead within 5 to 10 years. Voice revenue will be gone. It is a nightmare scenario for many operators. Telcos need to gear up for the explosion in video usage over the network. It’s going to continue its upward trajectory. Next Generation broadband is going to be a key initiative for many Telcos providing fibre to the home. Cable operators are without doubt making significant inroads, by successfully bundling TV, broadband, voice, and in some cases mobile. This surge in cable numbers is being achieved with retail prices, which many Telecommunications operators across Europe are struggling to compete against. It’s key that new products and charges are identified and implemented before it’s too late. If operators don’t have a long hard look at what is coming down the line, it may well spell the end of the road.” Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband,
  8. 8. The future is calling:Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 & beyond. Is anything staying the same? “Business and government markets are still secure, although revenues are under threat from VoIP. Bundling will continue, certainly in the consumer market. It’s likely to move towards quad-play and quin-play. Also, there will still be a relatively large cost-base compared to cable operators.” Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband,
  9. 9. “It’s vital to stay inclose contact withother operators.”Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband
  10. 10. The future is calling:Eircom’s thoughts on Telecoms for 2011 & beyond. How can Telecommunications companies learn and grow? “It’s vital for Telcos to stay in close contact over the next couple of years. To exchange learning, trends, threats they face, and indeed opportunities available. Companies are similar in the challenges they face. Even while operating thousands of miles away from each other, they face the same challenges and threats, and can collaborate and offer each other solutions. Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time, Eircom have found significant benefits in having close communication and exchanging views and learnings with other operators. There is limited benefit in hearing from operators behind the curve from you. However, huge benefit can be gained by learning from companies at the same stage as you, and even greater benefit from companies operating in a market ahead of you in terms of market development.” Cathal O’Dalaigh, Head of Fixed Broadband,
  11. 11. “There are so many elements ofcustomer experience. This eventcovers them all.” Orange FT Group on ‘Customer Experience Management 2011’
  12. 12. Opportunities to sponsor.So, how can you work with Telecoms IQ to build your business?Here are a few tried and tested ways...
  13. 13. Build prospects.Host a workshop. It doesn’t need to be toooverwhelming – just one or two of yourtop techies. Establish your company as athought leader and meet prospects you knoware interested in what you have to offer.
  14. 14. Meet your existing clients.…with an exhibition booth. Nothing tells youwhat’s on the mind of your customers like aface to face meeting. According to a recentreport* it is 5 times cheaper to meet acustomer at a trade show than to visit them inthe field.* Study published by the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research
  15. 15. More web traffic.Thousands of visitors already view the TelecomsIQ web portal each month. Get your product orservice in front of decision-markers from majorNetwork Operators and Service Providersbefore the event has even started.
  16. 16. Get social media followers.Establish yourself as a good social mediacitizen, instead of a leech. By distributingsponsored white paper content only tofollowers, you can open a new channel to talkwith your customers.
  17. 17. Thought leadership.A speaking slot can help position your companyas an innovator in Telecoms solutions. Someonewhose opinion matters. Demonstrate yourknowledge in front of a room of senior networkoperators with buying power.
  18. 18. Grow your database.Our Podcast with BT last month has achievedmany registered listeners. These are qualified,opt-in leads with a direct interest in Telecomssolutions. There are also a variety of upcomingwebinar topics with sponsorship availability.
  19. 19. 8.7 out of 10 sponsoringcompanies rated theoverall package as‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ .
  20. 20. “A unique networkingopportunity where thecustomer is at the top of “Within a couple of hoursthe agenda where it of returning to my desk I’dshould be.” already used a couple of ideas shared.” “Gave me enough ideas Kind words. to scope the next 18 months of work.”
  21. 21. Forward schedule.January MarchCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT IN TELECOMS NETWORK SHARING AND MANAGED SERVICES24 January, London 14 March, LondonWho will attend: Heads of Customer Experience, Marketing, Who will attend: Network Directors, Heads of NetworkCustomer Insights and Customer Advocacy Operations, CTOs, Heads of Network Economics MONETISING MESSAGING SERVICES 14 March, London Who will attend: Directors of Product Development, Heads of Messaging, Heads of VAS, Product Marketing Managers POLICY MANAGEMENT AND CHARGING 21 March, London Who will attend: Heads of Billing, Heads of Charging, CIOs, CTOs
  22. 22. Forward schedule.April MayFTTx SUMMIT EUROPE LTE BACKHAUL11 April, London 03 May, LondonWho will attend: FTTx Directors, Directors of Technical Strategy, Who will attend: Heads of Transmission, Heads of TransportHeads of Access Networks, Heads of Next Generation Access Networks, Heads of Network Architecture, Heads of Broadband Access & IP, Senior Network EngineersTELECOMS PRICING11 April, London MAXIMISING CUSTOMER LOYALTYWho will attend: Heads of Pricing, Directors of Marketing, AND PROFITABILITYPlanning & Pricing, Pricing and Profit Managers 16 May, Vienna Who will attend: Heads of Customer Loyalty, Customer Retention and CRM
  23. 23. Forward schedule.JuneMOBILE NETWORK OPTIMISATION6 June, tbcWho will attend: Heads of Network Optimisation, Planning,Coverage and QualityM2M06 June, tbcWho will attend: Heads of M2M, Heads of Services &Technology, M2M Product Managers, Strategy & Bus.Development Directors, Heads of Wholesale Bus. DevelopmentNUMBER PORTABILITY20 June, tbcWho will attend: Heads of Network Operations, CarrierRelations, Business Processes, Regulation and Numbering
  24. 24. Companies we’ve worked with.In a short time, Telecoms IQ have already built a relationship with some of theleading solution providers in the industry. Our established, tried and testedbusiness model delivers tailored exposure before and during the event.Here are a few names we have worked with so far…
  25. 25. About Telecoms IQ. Some industry partners we are proud to have worked with:Telecoms IQ is a part of IQPC. We are a premier producer of conferences, content,and articles for Senior Telecoms professionals. We help network operators to findand share knowledge. But more importantly to connect and discuss with eachother to help make the whole industry a better place.Our huge success in other sectors like ‘Pharma’ and ‘Defence’ led to the launch ofTelecoms IQ. Our business model takes senior budget holders for companies likeVodafone Group & Deutsche Telekom, and provides high value content in a small,intimate environment. This is a good setting for leading Telecoms suppliers tocapture prospects when they are in the frame of mind to do business.Visit us at www.telecom-iq.comor contact ian.gambier@iqpc.co.ukLike the idea of being a sponsor for one of these events?Drop us a line.