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Becoming equality defenders


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Ceremonia de nombramiento de defensores de la igualdad y firma del compromiso intenacional

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Becoming equality defenders

  1. 1. Becoming equality defenders November 2016
  2. 2. M A K I N G O U R B A D G E T
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL COMPROMISE FOR EQUALITY: n school, at home and everywhere 1.- Diversity is richness so we respect individuals differences 2.- We call everyone by their name without using nicknames or offensive words. 3.- We don’t take part in bullying acts, we don't support bullying and we tell grown-ups if we notice bullying. 4.- We protect and heIlp the weak and defenseless. 5.- We share all responsibilities, activities, tasks, games, sports, places, ideas… and life with girls, boys and everybody. 6.- We don't leave anybody outside, it doesn’t matter gender, language, religion, race, age, sex orientation…. 7.- We treat everyone as we would like to be treated. 8.- We use respectful and not sexist language and we avoid rude jokes. 9.- We extend our hand to people from all walks of life in any situation. 10.- Men and women are human beings, same rights, same duties, same situations, not differences.
  4. 4. Families sign the international equality compromise
  5. 5. Children, teachers and other workers at school also sign the international equality compromise