Scp B Factor Monthy 08 Yr End Edition


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HR Newsletter - Internal Communications and Recognition

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Scp B Factor Monthy 08 Yr End Edition

  1. 1. The B-Factor Monthly South Coast Plaza, 3333 S. Bristol St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Telephone (714) 824-4600. Facsimile (714) 824-4572 2008 Year End Edition December 12, 2008 In This Issue A message from Jim I would like to begin by thanking Marilou for • A message from Jim publishing our first ever monthly newsletter. I look • SCP Team News forward to it becoming a part of our culture with contributions from many of the store family! My thanks to all of you for your efforts this season! We are all aware of how challenging the retail climate has been. It has been quoted as the most difficult in over 50 years, but it is great to see that Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza has been able to deliver such significant business in this critical Holiday selling period. The continued key to our success is to simply stay focused on consistently delivering an Human Resources outstanding shopping experience. From our sales professional team, this requires • Renewing our commitment that you take every opportunity to make a to outstanding associate connection with your customers, as we service level have had many new ones in the store in • From Here to Diversity… the past two weeks. These are your clients of next year! These are your “insurance policy” to good selling next year, regardless of the economy. So please remember to give your business card on every transaction and b- connected as often as you think you have made a connection. Most of all…continue to open new accounts to build loyalty! From our support teams, the look and feel of our store is as critical a part Operations of the Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza shopping experience. The new We’re all in this together receipts to the selling floor quickly, merchandised well and with some visual enhancement; sale areas maintained, sized, classified; gift wrapped like no other gift in the world; restrooms sparkling and fresh all day long; Engineering, keeping our building in safe and working order, from air conditioning to lighting; Alterations that make each garment look custom-fit; and the list goes on…each of you are the reason the
  2. 2. customer chooses to shop with us! Human Resources by Marilou Guerrero It is our hope to consistently offer helpful, courteous, and timely service to everyone. With the many and recent changes in the department from leadership to team members, we thank you all for your continued support. Sales Andrea Hu and Marilou Guerrero are both committed to increasing Guess, bid, win, then shop service levels to both associates and managers. We’re here for you! Here are some important numbers to assist you with matters that we are not able to help you in-store: • Macy’s Inc. Benefits - 800-337-2363 or • HR Services for leaves of absences – 800-764-0161 (Must notify your Manager and then HR first prior to calling) • Help Desk (technical support, including password reset) – 8-11-2-474-2305 • Employee Accounts Dept. (Credit/ Prepaid Cards) – 8-11-7-000-2526 • Employee Call-Out Hotline – 714-824-4697 Public Relations • Change of Personal Contact Info – Insite or Giving back to the community • TIA (timekeeping) Review - Insite or one child, one family at a time… • Benefits Enrollment - Insite or All others please see Andrea Hu or call her at 714-824-4545 or Marilou at 714-824-4579. The SCP Diversity Council Wants You! …to Make a Difference The council is a team of associates and managers who meet once a month to talk about topics, causes, awareness campaigns, and events to hold at our store. This is a way for our store to celebrate diversity, which makes us Bloomingdale’s. Together, let’s make a difference and celebrate us for who we are. The first meeting was held on December 10. Welcome our new council members: Stacey Brock James Freitas Lida Slater Victoria Reid Bo Neshat Jessie Lisa Lauren Nikkah Pedro Hernandez 2
  3. 3. Wendy Hess Brenda Cabanes Michelle Rillon Simara Saeidghafelpour Breann Robinson Visual Holiday Visual standards…Oh, Watch out for new and exciting materials, activities, and events what fun! sponsored by the council. The council is still open for more members. Please stop by HR to “enlist.” Operations by Laura Garmus Tis the season to open new accounts and get to know a new client Tis the season to sell Tony Bennett CD’s (great stocking stuffer) Tis the season to sell gift cards (great stocking stuffer) Tis the season to sell gift wrap (promote our quality brand) Tis the season to encourage alterations so that our customers look their best Tis the Season to SMILE Loss Prevention Tis the season to use Superfunds to get change Tis the season to process returns in your department…SAVE THE SALE Double the Rewards for Partners Tis the season to check your cash drawer for $100 before you close at night. Tis the Season to SMILE Tis the season to always ask for proper identification Tis the season to call Bloom Credit with “Priority Application” if you are suspicious Tis the season to call LP if a customer is behaving abnormally Tis the season to store anything but water in your locker Tis the Season to SMILE Tis the season to wear your name badge Tis the season to take your lunch Tis the season to always use the employee entrance (except on the LL during lunch) Tis the season to park in the Bloomingdale’s lot (past the 8 palms) Tis the season to park in off site parking on specified weekends Tis the Season to SMILE Tis the season to and deliver sends to Tom at the UPS office Tis the season to verify all “ground” sends are completed by 12/15 Tis the season to have gift boxes…. call Distro when low or check the 3
  4. 4. freight landing Tis the Season to SMILE Tis the season to check all fitting rooms at night to make sure they are empty Tis the season for everyone to participate in recovery and go backs Tis the season to b SAFE Tis the season to resenso all returns before ringing the return Tis the season to reticket, reticket, reticket all returns so we can inventory it. Tis the Season to SMILE Support Tis the season to enjoy each other Inventory Alert Tis the season for b bucks Tis the season to be part of the best Bloomingdale’s team Tis the Season to SMILE Sales December notes by Lori Heaton and Rickye Lamm We thank every single associate for being great partners to the South Coast Plaza store’s success! Because we know that having fun makes our jobs worthwhile, we have launched a series of enjoyable and entertaining activities that you’ve seen announced and posted all over the co-worker halls. Associate Spotlight We know that you’ve enjoyed receiving b-bucks. These are the green Birthdays and Anniversaries paper money that’s being given by managers as form of appreciation and recognition to associates. We’ve recently held a silent auction, where associates used their b-bucks to bid on fabulous gifts showcased in the training room. We’ve also had our Support Team breakfast where executives cooked, served, and entertained support associates in the training room. Well…there’s more! We have a Guess Who??? Baby and Prom photo contest that is showcased at the bulletin board at the co-worker hallway. The associate that correctly guesses the most number of co-workers from the vintage photos will win BIG b-bucks that can be used to bid at upcoming auction for exciting prizes to be showcased at the co-worker hallway. The last day to Guess Who??? is Friday, December 19 at 2 pm. All entries need to be submitted to the HR mailbox (Andrea’s mailbox in the mail room at the Executive Offices). 4
  5. 5. There is also a silent auction for b-bucks winners beginning Tuesday, December 16 and ends Saturday, December 20 at 4 pm for the “Meal of your Choice.” A showcase of the lunch boxes featuring the managers’ prepared meals will be at the co-worker hallway. These lunch boxes are manager-prepared at your convenience. Bidding starts at 1 b-buck and must always be in increments of a full buck (no ½ bucks ok?). Multiple bids must have b-bucks to back up the bids. Left over b-bucks will be used in an Opportunity Drawing for fabulous prizes also showcased in the employee hallway. Write your full name, department and extension on the back of your b-bucks and drop in our drop box to win ballot box by Saturday, December 20.. It’s a Co-worker Appreciation SALE!!! December 12 to 14 will be our most exciting co-worker sale event. There’s additional 30% discount applied to most merchandise in addition to our 20/20 back of the house discount. Take advantage of the great savings for gifts for others and yourself!!! This is an event extended to all eligible dependents that are authorized users of your charge or pre-paid accounts. Signature verification forms are available in Customer Services on the day of the event. The forms need to be presented at the register at every purchase. A fun Holiday Season to all!!! Public Relations by Erin Bianchi Each holiday season Bloomingdale's likes to get out into the community and help others who are less fortunate. This season, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza will be making life a little brighter for the children of Olive Crest. Olive Crest is the home for abused and neglected children - they house, dress and feed nearly 3,000 kids a year. As a store, we will be collecting giftables for these kids in our community. The children range in age from 2 - 17. They need everything from toys to clothes to toiletries (think of adolescents - cosmetics, deodorants, shaving cream, etc.). Many live in group home situations, and have very small allowances for personal effects (pajamas, slippers, toothbrushes, etc.). PR is collecting gifts - please bring to Erin or Kristy in the Executive Offices. We will be collecting through Wednesday, December 17. If you have any questions, call Erin at x4547 or Kristy at x4548. Shopping for double discount? Heading to Target over the weekend? It's so easy to pick up something small - YOU can make a difference! 5
  6. 6. Visual by Julie Nelson A whirlwind of holiday decorating has just been completed. Many have contributed to setting the scene for an enjoyable holiday shopping experience offered by you, our wonderful sales professionals. Part of that experience is offering a clean, neat and easy to shop environment that could not be accomplished without everyone's help. The visual team would like to thank everyone for your efforts in moving us toward our goals of maintaining Bloomingdale’s visual standards. Every sweater you fold, every counter you clean and every garment you hang means a “clean, neat, and easier to shop” store. It is all of our jobs to maintain standards through the day and participate in recovery at the end of the night and prior to opening. So hang in there, never give up helping to maintain a beautiful and clean environment during this exciting season. Most of all, many thanks from the entire visual team and A Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season to all! Loss Prevention by John Lynch It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to prevent shortage from internal and external theft. For the month of December, double rewards are offered to Silent Partners who provide information that leads to the discovery and recovery of stolen money or merchandise. Call the Silent Partner Hotline to report: 1-800-763-7290. As we leave the store to end our tiring day at work, we ask that every associate leave through the designated co-worker door. The Home Store access is only allowed for lunch and break access to the mall. Associates must enter and leave through the co-worker door at the beginning and end of the shift. No other deviations are allowed, unless authorized. Let’s be partners! 6
  7. 7. Support by Chad Bethel We busily prepare for that magical day! So many tasks to be completed! So many lists of things to be done! Is everything perfect? Is everything clean? Is everything organized? The thoughts run through your head…. Will I be able to sleep the night before? Will everything go as planned? Will it be a disaster, or a delight? Yes, that’s right- it’s that special time of the year…Inventory! Stockroom inventory begins Jan 5th, with all-store inventory on Jan 11th, 12th, and 13th. As with every important event, planning and preparation is everything. Here are a few tips to make inventory run smoothly… 1. Reticket, reticket, reticket! 2. Ensure that your areas of responsibility are clean, neat and organized at the end of each shift. 3. Engage your customers! Every question you ask that assists in finding that perfect gift is one less return after holiday. Looking forward to a fantastic inventory and amazing 2009! Policy Corner Remember to take a meal December Birthdays break when: • Elmer Garcia – 8th • Jazmine Robinson – 9th • Working over 6 hours in a day • Sean Coutu – 10th • Eileen Hurtado – 10th • No later than the 5th hour • Rose Lim –10th for a shift of more • Shelley Levine – 11th than 6 hours • Lynn Ngo – 11th • No less than ½ hour for • Sam Tristan – 12th all, up to an hour for • Sherri Vu – 12th some. December Anniversaries Meal breaks…it is the • Cheryl Day – 1 yr Law, it is Policy, it is • Liz Najera – 1 yr your health and well- • Thu Ha Nguyen – 1 yr being; Take it! • Valerie Perez – 1 yr *We respect any associate’s wish to be taken off our birthday announcements or card list. If you wish to opt out, you are invited to contact Andrea @ Ext. 4545- - -Thank you. 7