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  3. the culture of this company is so warm and inviting. it’s a sense of family.
  4. WHAT WE DO: Improve Sales Performance OUR REASON FOR BEING: We exist to help companies Turn Talent into Performance. TALENT + TRAINING + TACTICS = PERFORMANCE
  5. WHAT WE DO: Help Businesses Sell Smarter & Faster OUR REASON FOR BEING: To Deliver Inbound & Outbound Sales Results THE WAY IT WORKS: INBOUND MARKETING + SALES PERFORMANCE = RESULTS
  6. WHAT WE DO: Engage your team. Grow your business. OUR REASON FOR BEING: Increasing Productivity by Elevating Team Engagement THE WAY IT WORKS: When you get the culture piece right, your employees become invested in the mission, engage their talents, and reach their full potential. In turn, your customers benefit and your business wins.
  7. it’s fun. it’s collaborative. But i also have room to be creative and grow.
  8. History 2008 1993 Company begins operating as The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS). 2000 Centralized classroom training for CFS moves online. 2000 Our first simulation- based workshop debuts. 2000 Partner with Talent+ for talent-based assessments. 1983 Counselor Selling System (CSS) founded by Steve Marx in Worcester, MA.
  9. History 2008 2014 Inbound marketing division becomes LeadG2. 2014 Talent department launches online talent management dashboard tool. 2015 Culture committee creates strong sense of camaraderie and strengthens a common culture within our company. 2015 Jim Hopes passes ownership to Matt Sunshine. 2008 Steve Marx passes leadership to Jim Hopes and John Henley.
  10. History 2008 2016 Talent department launches online sales talent assessments. 2018 The new position of Partner is added as we celebrate 35 years. 2019 Up Your Culture Launches 2018 The Sales Accelerator online courses are launched. 2016 Dani Buckley promoted to General Manager of LeadG2.
  11. i love to work in a fun environment. that motivates me.
  13. We have three cultural values we live by: QUALITY INTEGRITY RESPONSIVENESS These are the foundation that unite our employees and create a common culture.
  14. we live and breathe these things every single day.
  15. Quality We never fail to deliver our best when it comes to meeting our customers’ most pressing needs.
  16. we work with a committed team, and that shines through to our clients.
  17. Quality • Push for more effective, innovative, and ground-breaking tactics. • Work intentionally, thinking projects through from beginning to end. • Execute our plans with strategy and precision. • Take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations. • Deliver mic-drop material that is above and beyond what was asked of us. • Hire the right people for the right job to ensure excellence in every role. • Practice what we teach. • Don't just solve a problem. We provide the best solution. QUALITY is our standard. We...
  18. we’re treated as professionals. we’re given the tools and the resources, and then they give us the freedom and the trust to go out and do what we do best.
  19. “Whenaskedtoreviewa clientproject, weREVIEW itwithafine-toothcomb torecommendchangesto theproject, butalso providedimprovementsto makeitstrongerthan intended. “ “Whencoaching, we requestVBR'sbetween callstohelpmakethe clientbetter. It'snot listedaspartofthe service, butifwecanhelp thembebetter, then togetherwewin. “ “Strategicandthorough preparationcallswiththe clientbeforeworkshopsto deliverwhattheyneedand tospeaktothemontheir levelandtailorour languagethatis100% relevant. ” “Anemployeethat providesconsistent, thorough, buttoned-up communicationwith clientscarriesour standardof professionalismandbrand intothemarkets. “ HOW DO WE DELIVER QUALITY?
  20. you’re encouraged to think differently and think independently. then you’re given the freedom to take those ideas to completion.
  21. “Ourrecapsaftera marketvisitprovide extensivedetailthat client'scorporate leadershipteamrelieson tograspthepulseof individualmarkets. “ “Dedicatedpositions thatprovidemultiple touchpointsforclient content, ensuringwe don'tjust"getitdone." Wegetitdoneright. “ “Precisionanddepthof talentpersonal feedbackcallsleads customerstosay, "This wasthebestcallI've everhad. ” “Aprospectwanteda samplewebinar. Rather thanasample, we deliveredalivewebinar toallthestakeholders withvaluable information, andclosed thedeal. “ HOW DO WE DELIVER QUALITY?
  22. we work with some of the most well-known and well-respected clients all over the country. They all have things they are trying ot achieve. We help them get there.
  23. Integrity We never purposely mislead a client, prospect, or coworker for personal or corporate gain.
  24. our goal as a group is really just to make a difference for them (clients)!
  25. Integrity • Guide our clients to make the best decisions for their company and their people, even if it does not benefit us. • Do what we say we’re going to do and maintain strong bonds of trust. • Do the right things for the right reasons, focusing on putting our clients first. • Provide honest feedback, telling it like it is even if it’s tough to hear, so we can truly help. • Keep our clients' secrets. Trust is the foundation of long client relationships. • Care so damn much. • Are often included in the highest-level, most confidential and sensitive conversations at our clients' organizations. • Never sugarcoat the problems, but rather roll up our sleeves to help solve them. • Know that an organization is only as good as the people who work there, so we focus on the people. We serve our clients as experts, advisors, and friends. • Hire good people with good judgement. Others just don’t make it here long! • Never over-promise or under-deliver. INTEGRITY is of utmost importance. We...
  26. i truly feel respected. i’m rewarded. i’m valued. i’m needed.
  27. “ Ownerof largest and longest client put son through theTalent Assessment andcameback unrecommended. Initially upset, herequested feedback. After assessment andassociated behaviorsdiscussion, owner realized CSStold him nothing hedidn’t know and appreciated thehonesty. “ “ Our clients start conversations with, "This is confidential right?" or, "Let me shut my door." Which is evidence of our trust and integrity at work. “ “ During a SalesDiagnostic, weuncovered a number of challengesand opportunitiesfor improvement. Wedon't sugar coat theproblems becauseif thingsdidn't change, wecould foreshadow theimpact in theyearto come. So, we rolled up oursleevesand helped solvetheissues. “ “ A qualitysalesperson appliedfora management position. HetookthePCMI, which cameback as, "Not Recommended." Hismanager worried thesalesperson would quit if not promoted, so wedeveloped a plan to help him grow in hiscurrent rolewith themanagement talentshehad, and heis still employed today. “ “ A client requested help with inbound marketing and a complete website makeover. While wanting the business, we had to honestly say that website re-hauls are not in our wheel- house, and turn them elsewhere. “ HOW DO WE DELIVER INTEGRITY?
  29. Responsiveness We never fail to give prompt, focused attention to the needs of the clients, partners, and coworkers.
  30. our clients know when working with us that we are going to keep things consistent and moving along.
  31. Responsiveness • Don’t really work 24/7, but our clients often think we do! • Encourage our employees to make decisions and limit the red tape. We hire smart people and we let them be smart, eliminating corporate structure road-blocks. • Hire people who love to work and who have a natural sense of urgency. • Get back to people fast, returning emails, texts, and phone calls before most would expect. To provide the best response in a quick manner, communications may come in two parts: first, a quick acknowledgement and response to show we care, and then the more thoughtful response. • Apologize for our mistakes. • Treat our team with the same respect and sense of urgency that we do our clients. • Believe our days start and end with our clients. • Accommodate every time zone… including New Zealand! • Surprise and delight our clients by turning important things around quicker than expected. • Don’t have to tell our clients we are responsive – they tell us! RESPONSIVENESS is at our core. We...
  32. i was sold on the center for sales strategy and leadg2 because of the people.
  33. “ LeadG2 stayedupall nightwith all hands on deck to make sure multiple clients made mandatory changes for online compliance. “ “ Whenaconsultantgota greenlighttosignthedeal inameetingat1PMbut neededthecontractby2PM beforeclientwenton2- weekvacation, ourteam gotthecontractprepped andsentbeforeclientleft theoffice.“ “ Our Helpdesk that typically responds to employees and clients with exactly what they needwithin an hour. “ “ Our consultants set their schedule to answer calls andemails when the client is in business- even when it means calls at10PM atnightto meet with a New Zealand client. “ HOW DO WE DELIVER RESPONSIVENESS?
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