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Catersource 2011 - Business Roadmap


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Catersource 2011 - Business Roadmap

  1. 1. The Business Road Map: Developing and Implementing a Sound Strategic Plan for Profitability and GrowthPresented by:Warren Dietel, President & OwnerOrlando, FL
  2. 2. Table of Contents & Housekeeping•  My story •  Give it Your Best Every Day•  The Puff Story •  Presentation will be available online:•  Mission, Vision & Values –•  Defining the Culture WarrenDietel•  The Financials •  Twitter: @pscatering, #catersource•  Quality ••  Product Development•  The Tipping Point•  Infrastructure•  Streamlining & Consolidation•  Team Transition•  Sales•  Opening the Door•  Branding•  Marketing the New You
  3. 3. My Story•  Entrepreneurial from the start•  Professional Experience –  Car Detailing, Puff n Stuff Catering, Disney Weddings, Disney Institute, Scott Kay, back Home!•  Industry Involvement –  ICA Board Member, Regular Speaker for Catersource, The Special Event, American Rental Association, and NACE
  4. 4. The Puff Story•  Opened in Central Florida in 1980 as a family-owned business•  Purchased in 2003, annual sales of $1.8 million, at operational limit•  Antiquated infrastructure with inefficient space & poor equipment•  Tremendous potential + aggressive growth plan = 267% growth in 3 years•  Opened new commissary in 2006
  5. 5. Strategic Planning: See a future•  Why bother? –  What are you going to sell? –  Who are you going to sell to? –  How can you beat or avoid your competition?•  Alone in an ocean a boat drifts with the wind and currents•  CHANGE is inevitable – adapt or loose•  Yesterday is GONE!•  Getting People on Board –  Strategic vision comes from people –  Craft and nurture it and it will become reality –  Turn dreams into reality
  6. 6. Mission, Vision, and Values•  Develop a picture of today, tomorrow, and what governs decisions•  Put the foundation in place to support excellence and growth•  Use an outside source to help develop•  Create a plan that includes assessment of and future planning for –  Management –  Staff –  Customer Base –  Research and Development –  Human Resources –  Operations –  Sales and Marketing –  Financial –  Technology
  7. 7. The Mission•  A mission statement is a brief written statement of the purpose of a company or organization. Ideally, a mission statement guides the actions of the organization, spells out its overall goal, provides a sense of direction, and guides decision making for all levels of management. Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations
  8. 8. Vision•  A Vision statement outlines what the organization wants to be. It concentrates on the future. It is a source of inspiration. It provides clear decision-making criteria. Puff ‘n Stuff will possess the systems and procedures necessary to provide the foundation for excellence and profitable growth. We will be recognized as the event/catering organization of choice by our team members and clients.
  9. 9. Core Values•  A list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture. Professional – In behaviors and appearance Respect – For self, team members and clients Own – Accountable for each others’ success and safety Anticipate – Serving team member and clients needs Communicate – Timely, accurately and honestly
  10. 10. Defining the Culture•  Changing communicating old to new•  Ever changing – client communication•  Happy employees = happy customers•  Open, fun, professional, passionate, creative Culture defines who you are and aids in making hiringdecisions. Many believe people are a company’s greatest asset but I believe the culture created by the people working for you is your greatest asset.
  11. 11. Quality•  Impossible to grow without improvement•  SWOT –  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats•  Competitive analysis•  The Pasta Station Evolution - Innovation•  Get everyone pulling together•  Make everyone accountable•  COMMUNICATION IS KEY!•  Develop a Service Culture•  Exceeding expectations….always!
  12. 12. Product Development•  Don’t break what is not broken•  Test, test, and re-test! –  Pineapple baked Alaska for 450….right•  Where is opportunity in your community? –  Think about it from a business segment –  Get your ego in check•  Be innovative and tell everyone•  Leverage donation requests for sponsorship
  13. 13. Infrastructure•  Improve infrastructure to support growth•  Consolidation of Operations•  Find a building –  Raw land – ground up construction –  Similar use facilities –  Purchase or Lease•  Our location –  Good bones –  Could easily see offices, kitchen, and warehouse
  14. 14. Streamlining & Consolidation•  Create an Infrastructure to support growth and quality•  Diversifying segment base –  When one market is down the other is usually up•  Segment sales team to cover different markets –  Experts in their field –  Venue segmentation•  Development of different departments –  Keep teams focused on their specific focus –  Cross train teams•  Be present & relevant in your market –  Host events at your facility –  Cherry pick events in your community –  Select a few charities to support
  15. 15. Streamlining & Consolidation•  Standard operating procedure for everything!•  Team Building•  Procurement•  Strategic Partnerships•  Technology –  Caterease –  Remote connection –  Informative Website –  Pre-packaged menus –  Back-up generator –  In-house fuel
  16. 16. Team Transition•  Adaptation –  Needed stronger thinkers and problem solvers on the front end –  “Fire Fighters” needed to convert to “Smokey the Bears” –  Business built on fixing problems, NOT preventing them•  Recruiting –  Who do we hire and when? HR Mgr, Director of Sales, Director of Ops, Sales Team, Marketing –  Sales Team – sales trained or catering trained? –  Service Personnel – went from “a pulse and black slacks” to fine-dining experienced –  Develop an organizational plan on what the business looks like at different periods of growth
  17. 17. Team Transition •  New Facility –  Thought there would be excitement, but there was discomfort –  More formal announcement/transition process –  Planning for tomorrow –  They didn’t see why we needed new facility to support growth •  Rewarding the right behavior –  Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations –  Developing an ownership mentality through the ranks –  Incentive and Profit Sharing programs •  Engaging Employees –  A puff of thought –  Employee of the month –  The State of the Puff –  Internal newsletter –  Our blog – engages internal and external –  Lunch together everyday
  18. 18. Sales•  Segmented sales plan•  Establish goals so you know how to plan•  Sales Director…at the right time•  Sales compensation plan rewards desired behaviors•  Using video and new-media to tell our story
  19. 19. Opening the Door•  Emergency relief contracts•  Test kitchen•  To-go/Retail•  Manufacturing•  Sublease•  Client confidence•  TriLargo Hospitality
  20. 20. Branding•  Had to make “Puff ‘n Stuff” sophisticated, but not out of reach•  History in the city•  Overcoming previous negative experiences•  Equipment & event experiences
  21. 21. Branding
  22. 22. Branding
  23. 23. Branding
  24. 24. Interactive Website
  25. 25. Branding elegant. creative. inspired. full-service wedding & event planning ose three words are the key to making any event a success. With many years of experience bar or bat mitzvahs in the catering and event planning industry, I specialize in Jewish simchas. Whether friday night shabbat dinners planning a bar or bat mitzvah, Sunday brunch, or a quiet Friday night Shabbat dinner, you meat & dairy menus can trust that I will handle all your affairs with extraordinary care and creativity. oneg & kiddish menus e only finger you’ll have to lift is the one you use to call me. unique venues Shira Smith table settings, linens décor & more 407.478.5820 Puff ‘n Stuff Catering Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations
  26. 26. Marketing the New You!•  Segmented advertising campaign•  Press releases•  Expert in your field•  Speaking – locally and nationally•  Giving back to local and national organizations•  Articles in local and national publications•  Website & blog
  27. 27. Marketing the New You! “ ” 55
  28. 28. Social Media!
  29. 29. Meet Puff ‘n Stuff Catering
  30. 30. Give it Your Best Everyday!Champions look atwhat we are going to do – losers look atwhat they are going through! ~ Simon T. Bailey
  31. 31. ICA Membership BenefitsCome learn more at the Inspiration Zone/Attendee Lounge or Tradeshow Booth #1918•  Professional Recognition•  Education: Culinary Learning Journeys, Regional Education Days, CaterArts & Monthly Free Webinars•  Amazing Networking•  Your chef enjoys membership in the Culinary Council•  Work & Learn Program•  Membership Show Special: ONLY for Catersource Conference 2011 •  New Members: $250 vs. $290 (must be paid in full) •  First 250 new members get Inspiration CD FREE!
  32. 32. Thank You! To download a copy of today s presentation, go to: For Videos: G. Dietel | | 407.398.6306