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  1. 1. PENZUyour personal notebookdone by Marim Hamad
  2. 2. Do you write?What do you write
  3. 3. There is a lot of different ways of writings and those are the most common and important: • Notes • Journals • Diary
  4. 4. notes• Notes are important for documenting lectures• It is easier for recalling old lectures• Notes help while studying for exams
  5. 5. Diary• A diary keeps track of every moment of our life whether it is big or small.• A diary is a place where we can write our personal thoughts into.
  6. 6. Journal• Writing a journal is similar to diary writing• It allows you to say what you really want to say .• It is easier than talking.
  7. 7. Why use old techniques when you can do all your writing online safely and private.
  8. 8. Use PENZUWhat is penzu? Click here
  9. 9. So Penzu Your private online journalWrite your journals your diary notes and all you want to record and save. How should I use it
  10. 10. How do I use Penzu?• Simply log in to• Create an account• And start writing Why Penzu?
  11. 11. Why choose Penzu• Privacy First Penzu was designed to focus on your privacy. Unlike blogging, your entries are private by default.• A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Insert your own photos and bring your entries to life!• Share If You Want To. You can share your individual entries via email or create a public link and share with the world
  12. 12. • Instant Search .Find long-lost entries quickly and easily with our fast filtered search and sorting.• Comments Welcome. Now you can share your thoughts with others by commenting on shared and public entries.• Auto-saving is the New Save Never lose your entries again! Your work is saved as you type, so you never have to worry
  13. 13. Can I use my smart phone with Penzu?
  14. 14. Can I use it on my smart phone? YesPenzu has a free application that you canget for your iPhones and iPads.
  15. 15. Test your self Test
  16. 16. Test1- What is Penzu?• a book• Online journal• Word document
  17. 17. Penzu is an online journal Continue
  18. 18. Test2- can you download an application to usePenzu on your iPads and iPhones?• True• False
  19. 19. True you can download Penzu on your iPhone and iPads Continue
  20. 20. Can any one see what you write while using Penzu??• Yes• No
  21. 21. Only you can access your account because you are the only one who knows the password END
  22. 22. Thank you for your time