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UNCG Libraries online workshop 2/25/13

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  1. 1. Move your life from this: To this: With one simple app
  2. 2. Quick Poll How have you used Evernote before?A. I have never used it beforeB. I have used it in my personal lifeC. I have used it in my professional lifeD. I used it in my personal and professional life
  3. 3. What is it?!• Evernote is a multiplatform app that allows you to create and sync information from your computer, online and on your mobile devices• You can use it to store links, pictures and content from online• Can also create new content, organize it, easily search it, and share it with other users
  4. 4. Why do you want it?!• Can use anywhere-syncs between devices• Open Structure Organization-lets you organize in a way that makes sense to you!• Can search it easily by tags, keywords and text• Its free and easy to install• Many other apps you can use with it• Social media aspects let you share and collaborate
  5. 5. FORMATS!• Evernote desktop• Evernote web• Evernote ipad, iphone• Evernote android
  6. 6. Evernote PC
  7. 7. Evernote Web
  8. 8. Evernote for Mac
  9. 9. Evernote iPad and iPhone
  10. 10. Notes• A note is a single note within a notebook. If you place it in the wrong notebook you can drag and drop it into the correct one.
  11. 11. Notebooks• Notebooks are shown on the left, they consist of multiple notes• If you have notebooks that could go together you can create Stacks (this links the notebooks together)
  12. 12. Tips and Tricks• In evernote web can open note in a new window, this will actually open all the notes from that notebook in a slideshow, allowing you to click through more like a traditional book Click here to open a new window
  13. 13. Tips and Tricks• If you have a note template you use a lot you can grab it and pull it into the “favorites bar” on the desktop version for PC and Mac• You can merge notes into one
  14. 14. How to organize it!• Recommendations• Tagging or searching or both?• Case uses – dissertation/thesis, classes, meetings
  15. 15. Challenges• Emailing• Being online on app version• Over organizing syndrome
  16. 16. Cool extra features• Sharing notebooks• Public notebooks• Integration with other apps (Skitch, etc)• Premium access
  17. 17. Need More Information? Our library has a great ebook called My Evernote. You can find it at http://uncg.worldcat.org/oclc/7884 97548Questions? You can also askLynda Kellam, lmkellam@uncg.edu the elephant.Emily Mann, ezmann@uncg.edu There is a help option on every edition of evernote