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15 visual tools for brainstorming


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A special collection of 15 cool and free visual online tools for solo or group brainstorming.

Published in: Self Improvement, Business

15 visual tools for brainstorming

  1. 15 visual tools for brainstorming Cool online tools for visual idea generation Marc Heleven / 7ideas
  2. Intro: visual thinking
  3. Intro: the power of images
  4. Images on Flickr made searchable by color and tags Search inspiration by color
  5. Moodboard inspired search engine Spezify
  6. 3D visual inspiration Tag Galaxy
  7. Random inspiration based on your profile StumbleUpon
  8. The world's first digital library of Nature's solutions, organized by function Ask nature
  9. Full of visual stimulation, it is also a fantastic brainstorming tool Pinterest
  10. + 170.000 views 100 images for visual brainstorming
  11. Search by industries, properties or functions (+ 4700 innovations) More inspiration
  12. TED: spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks TED “surprise me” videos
  13. The world's largest collection of cutting edge ideas and trends Trendhunter
  14. Showing you photos and movies suiting your mood Moodstream
  15. Each day inspiring visuals that help you innovate (Facebook Page) Visual inspiration for innovation
  16. Random inspiring images Inspire me now
  17. Flipboard is Your Personal Magazine Flipboard
  18. Another 21 visual inspiration / innovation lists and slideshows. Extra: 21 visual innovation checklists
  19. marc@21lobsterstreet.comwww.7ideas.netTwitter: @7ideas innovation consultancy / cross industry web search / innovation workshops / ideaDJ / visual support for keynotes