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10 cool bridges to spark your creativity


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10 amazing bridges and tips for creative thinking and innovation.

Published in: Business
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10 cool bridges to spark your creativity

  1. 10 cool bridges to spark your creativity Marc Heleven – 7 ideas
  2. Cycling through tree tops: take another perspective
  3. This bridge turns into an underwater tunnel connecting Denmark and Sweden: go cross border
  4. Magdeburg Water Bridge: make ‘impossible’ combinations
  5. Cycling through water: add some fun
  6. Milau viaduct: make beautiful connections
  7. Moses bridge: do the opposite
  8. Megx repainted a bridge in Wuppertal: everything is Lego
  9. Bridge to nowhere: learn from failures
  10. Ants bridge: learn from nature
  11. www
  12. Innovate by learning from other sectors!
  13. Twitter: @7ideas innovation consultancy / cross industry web search / innovation workshops / ideaVJ / visual support for keynotes