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2013-03-19 Marc Davis on The Digital Me at Telco2 New Digital Economics Silicon Valley


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Published in: Technology
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2013-03-19 Marc Davis on The Digital Me at Telco2 New Digital Economics Silicon Valley

  1. 1. Executive Brainstorm & Innovation Forum March 19-20, 2013, The InterContinental Hotel, San FranciscoNEW DIGITAL ECONOMICSSILICON VALLEY DIGITAL ECONOMY Strategic Growth Opportunities for a Hyper-Connected World The “Digital Me” Marc Davis, Microsoft Created by
  6. 6. “Personal data is the new oil of the internet and the new currency of the digital world.” — Meglena Kuneva Former European Consumer Commissioner@marcedavis Marc Davis
  7. 7. “Everything I Make and Do Online and in the World” Identity and Relationships Context Activity Communications Content Asset Inventory Financial Data Health Data Governmental Data Academic Data Employer Data@marcedavis Other Personal Data… Marc Davis
  8. 8. Metaphors and Mental Models of Digital “Me”Digital Self Digital Property Digital SpeechMy Personal Data is Me My Personal Data is Mine My Personal Data is By Me@marcedavis Marc Davis
  9. 9. What Kind of Space is Digital Space?Private Physical Space Public Physical Space Home Public Square Work Prison@marcedavis Marc Davis
  10. 10. What Digital Space Does My Digital Me Live In?Personal Space Corporate Space Public Space @marcedavis Marc Davis
  11. 11. What Digital Space Does My Digital Me Live In?Personal Space Corporate Space Public Space @marcedavis Marc Davis
  12. 12. “Digital” Panopticon@marcedavis Marc Davis
  13. 13. • We don’t own our names • Or our bodies • Or personal property • Or a domicile • We lack freedom of movement and expression • Our labor benefits the lords of the manor who own the land • We are “data serfs”@marcedavis Marc Davis
  14. 14. DIGITAL FEUDALISM@marcedavis Marc Davis
  15. 15. DIGITAL ENLIGHTENMENT@marcedavis Marc Davis
  16. 16. World Economic Forum “Rethinking Personal Data” ProjectLaunched in 2010, the Rethinking Personal Data project is a multi-yearproject intended to bring together private companies, public sectorrepresentatives, end-user privacy and rights groups, academics and topicexperts to deepen the collective understanding of how a principled,collaborative, and balanced personal data ecosystem can evolve.@marcedavis Marc Davis
  17. 17. World Economic Forum Global Agenda Outlook 2013@marcedavis Marc Davis
  18. 18. New Economic and Societal Value from Person-Centered Personal Data Aggregation Searches & Sites Social Graph Calendars Interests Location Purchases@marcedavis Marc Davis
  19. 19. @marcedavis Marc Davis
  20. 20. Rethinking Personal Data: TOS and Privacy PolicyLawyer Readable Human Readable Machine Readable @marcedavis Marc Davis
  21. 21. ECPA and the “Digital Due Process” Coalition@marcedavis Marc Davis
  22. 22. @marcedavis Marc Davis
  23. 23. European Union “Onlife Initiative”: Being human in a hyperconnected world@marcedavis Marc Davis
  24. 24. Advertising in the Age of Digital Enlightenment“To Track, or Not to Track: By launching its latest browserwith tracking off, Microsoft believes it will enhance Webadvertisings value” by Rik Van Der Kooi, Corporate VP,Microsoft Advertising Business Group• “But a new world—the age of "digital enlightenment," if you will—is fast approaching and is informed by two dynamics: The amount of online data being collected online is exploding; and the unprecedented capability of creating relevant, user-centric advertising experiences.”• “As we enter this age of digital enlightenment, we need a new norm. No longer should the consumers who generate the data for our industry be left out of the equation. On the contrary, they should have the option to participate in that part of the business to a greater extent than they ever have before.”@marcedavis Marc Davis
  25. 25. @marcedavis Marc Davis
  26. 26. Marc Davis Partner Architect Microsoft Online Services Division Twitter: @marcedavis Facebook: Web: Marc Davis