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Explore how Personalized Promotion is helping C-stores to be on way to profit


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Manthan Systems presents the cutting edge personalized promotion and customer targeting solution specifically for C-stores and Forecourt retailers - ARC TargetOne. This intuitive, cost effective, cloud hosted and easy to use product provides the Marketers with the right tools in their arsenal for promotions and campaign management – reaching the right customer, with right offer, at the right time and through the right channel. The product I battle tested with leading C-store chains in US and Mexico to provide a lift in margins up to 20%.

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Explore how Personalized Promotion is helping C-stores to be on way to profit

  1. 1. ARC TargetOne Personalized Promotions for C-Stores Predict. Personalize. Profit.
  2. 2. What is happening in the C-Store world? Diverse formats fulfilling variety of shopping needs Fuel Food Quick trips Slow Sales Growth: Rapidly evolving customer behavior Competition from other retail formats in 2012
  3. 3. Multiple formats competing for the same wallet Supermarkets with fuel C-store with fresh food Attracting lunch-time customers Taking away fuel customers What is your strategy? Drug stores Taking away quick-trips C-store with auto-service Drawing away truckers and fleet operators C-store with premium grocery Targeting parents on the way home
  4. 4. Looking at C-Store customers Independent Truckers Fleet operators Nontruckers
  5. 5. Who is your customer today 54% sales from households with income < $40,000 pa 65% of households with 2 members or less Women spend more time at C-stores than men Contemporary lifestyle trends Demand for healthy and high quality food Women are the largest consumers of coffee and fountain beverages Declining tobacco consumption Awareness on fuel conservation
  6. 6. How do you keep pace with the changing landscape? By reaching the right customer, with the right message at the right time through the right channel Personalization is the key
  7. 7. ARC TargetOne can help you build a deep connection with your customers Target customers with promotions relevant to them Create new communication opportunities with geotargeting, and scheduled and triggered promotions Time your messages and influence their location Choice Develop multi-channel communication strategy Measure and perfect marketing execution
  8. 8. ARC TargetOne: unmatched personalization and targeting capabilities Micro-Segmentation Offer Recommendation Create and manage customer lists. Inherit external lists. Manage lists centrally to optimize targeting Customer Touch Control Centrally manage customer’s touch history, touch rules, channel preferences and un-subscribes Channel Performance Track campaign and promotion performance, channel effectiveness Triggered Promotions Respond to customer interactions & basket conditions with appropriate offers and messages Configure intelligent rules for complex scenarios Recommendations based on customer data and transaction history. Algorithm matches the best offers to best customers Central Campaign Management ARC TargetOne Manage all permutations from a central command center, achieving 100% control Promotion Scheduling Manage promotion calendars Schedule automated communications weekly mailers, loyalty program update, anniversary wishes
  9. 9. ARC TargetOne in action Scenario promotional campaign for fleet owners • Reach out to truckers on the road • Offer value added services, personal care, vehicle service • Cross –sell with fuel purchases • Target with high margin in-store items (snacks, beverages & ready to eat) • Set geo-location triggers • Personalize notifications on services and in-store offers
  10. 10. ARC TargetOne in action Scenario making your marketing $$ work hard Build loyalty among non-truckers Tune your communication to customers’ trip needs Rose has morning coffee on the road: Female Friendly John stops by for cigarettes: Invite her in store with offers on breakfast He’d love an offer on coffee? My Time Susie and her college mates need a quick bite between classes: Fresh Value Fast Amber stops by to fill gas for a weekend road trip: Tell them about your ready-to-eat menus Entice her to stock up on snacks and candy Family Time
  11. 11. Your customer is moving fast. We help you keep pace ARC TargetOne – target customers with offers they can’t refuse! Explore how at