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Retail Business Intelligence - The ROI Perspective


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Retail Business Intelligence - The ROI Perspective

  1. 1. So which would you rather believe?
  2. 2. A data warehouse and BI project is a multi-year, multi-million dollar multi-headache exercise for an enterprise scale deployment. All it takes is 16 weeks (or less).
  3. 3. That 2-3 analysts can gather requirements for your BI & data warehouse and provide all the functionality that BI users need in 3 - 4 months. That a BI application can have all functions for all roles built-in and ready to run.
  4. 4. That it is more economical to buy a BI toolkit and build your needs onto it, with a team of developers, modelers, architects, consultants, system integrators and anger managers. That it is more economical to buy a packaged, plug and play BI application with everything you need built-in (except anger management).
  5. 5. That implementing BI throughout the organization and down to the stores is going to cost a bomb in user based licensing. That with an enterprise license, you can install a BI application on as many servers as you want with every function benefitting from it at a third of the cost. (That's right, a third.)
  6. 6. That once deployed, with a large team of BI architects, consultants, modelers and developers you can meet ongoing/changing BI or reporting needs. That not more than 1-2 people are required to manage a BI application even for large organizations. (And they'll still have time for Facebook.)
  7. 7. That most toolkit-based BI projects can be successfully implemented and managed, from an ROI perspective. That over 65% of such projects fail to meet their business objectives in the projected timeframe and at the budgeted cost.
  8. 8. That licensing plays a large part in the total cost of a toolkit based BI solution. That organizations end up paying 5-10 times the license price in operating and maintaining a toolkit based BI over a 5 year period.
  9. 9. That the better BI solution is the one with better range of features. That the most important criteria is your BI’s ability to understand your business processes, roles and their decision-making needs.
  10. 10. So which would you rather believe?
  11. 11. If you believed the latter all along, you know of ARC from Manthan Systems.
  12. 12. ARC takes about 16 weeks to deploy, costs a third of what traditional BI toolkits cost in the long run, delivers 90% retail user functionality out-of-the-box, has every function benefiting from it. ARC, reduces BI implementation into a quick, economical, efficient and high ROI exercise.