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Navigating through the business environment


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Navigating through the business environment

  1. 1. NAVIGATING THROUGH THEBUSINESS ENVIRONMENTBy: Bethary Ajeng P 2511101012 Zulfikar Fadhil L 2511101030 Dyah Rini H 2511101031
  2. 2. LINGKUNGAN BISNIS Shaped by:  Technology  Trends  Ethics  Corporate Culture  Interpersonal Communication
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY Electronic tools Social networking Information overload Data security Electronic privacy
  4. 4. CONTOH TREN BISNIS Customer Need Entrepreneurship Innovation Teamwork Concern to Environment
  5. 5. KOMUNIKASI INTERPERSONAL Komunikasi antar individu Includes multiple skills  Listening  Conversation  Nonverbal  Networking
  6. 6. LISTENING Crucialto building trust To create active responses  Paraphrase content  Mirror speaker’s feelings  Ask for information/clarification  Offer to help solve the problem To reduce errors  Paraphrase what the speaker has said  Check your understanding with speaker  Write down key points  Don’t ignore instructions that seem unnecessary  Consider other person’s background
  7. 7. CARA BERBICARA Perhatikan aspek berikut:  Rate of speech  Rate of turn-taking  Persistence if turn not acknowledged  Preference for personal stories  Tolerance of simultaneous speech  Abrupt topic shifting
  8. 8. NON VERBAL Communication without words Signals such as smiles and gestures Be aware of  Spatial cues  Body language
  9. 9. NETWORKING Abilityto connect with many different kinds of people Create connections before they are needed