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Introduction to Basic Communication Skills


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This presentation was provided to the students at Robert W. Groves High School in Garden City, GA as a part of the Learning for Life program. I focused on basic communication skills and how they impact interpersonal as well as business relationships. We also spent some time discussing communication etiquette as it pertains to phone and social media use.

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Introduction to Basic Communication Skills

  1. 1. Business Etiquette =Effective Communication Jennifer Furlong
  2. 2. Define Communication
  3. 3. A Good CommunicatorIs NOT Self-Focused Is Other-Focused
  4. 4. Treat Others theWay They Want to be Treated
  5. 5. Linear CommunicationSpeaker Message Listener
  6. 6. Communication as a Process Auditory Visual Technology ChannelsSpeaker Message Listener Feedback
  7. 7. The InternetNot an Invisibility Cloak
  8. 8. Freedom of Speech ≠No Consequences
  9. 9. Phone Skills LACK OF RESPECT FOR OTHERS• Unnecessary Calls / Interruptions• Inappropriate Ring Tones• Loud Talkers!• Camera Phone• In the Bathroom????!!! Ew.• No Texting while Talking!