How do I keep people happy?


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Read Randstad's world of work report for insights on employee satisfaction, hr video guidelines, talent retention, mismatched perceptions in various job sectors

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How do I keep people happy?

  1. 1. How do I keep people happy? Ranstad's latest world of work report offers a detailed insight into the current jobs market across the vast number of sectors Randstad specialises in. Joel Natfal, Major Players Head of Recruitment for Research Insight & Analysis jobs gives a brief overview of how to retain your staff. Alternatively, if you want to read the full report you can get your hands on it by requesting a copy here. Or if you're looking to find your next star employee then get in touch with one of our many specialist consultants or submit a brief. Talent retention For the moment it seems that permanent staff are staying put, with fewer than one in ten actively looking for a new appointment. That’s partly out of loyalty, and partly out of natural caution given the uncertainty of the jobs market. But organisations shouldn’t get complacent about retention. Mismatched perceptions Organisations think that the top three things which will ensure people stay with them are (in order): company reputation and
  2. 2. employer brand; culture/cultural fit and values; employee benefits. They couldn’t be more wrong. People rank these as sixth, seventh and eighth out of nine. What workers really want is competitive remuneration, quality training and development, and well worked out career paths. That’s quite a gulf in understanding. Someone’s not talking to someone. Heres a snippet of advice on talent retention, taken from the latest edition of Randstad's workpocket... Retaining each valued individual “Every time you have to replace an individual, it costs an average of seven months’ salary. Having a high turnover of workers is bad for the bottom line and bad for brand image, and when the upturn comes, and you need to make hires, a bad image makes it hard to attract quality candidates. Retention is a science which strengthens businesses and saves needless expense”, says Kelly Quirk, MD of Randstad Corporate and Managed Services, who’s advised a variety of top clients on retention. About Major Players Headquartered in Covent Garden, London, Major Players’ team of more than 80 consultants provides freelance and permanent personnel. The firm recruits for various advertising jobs, marketing, design, digital media, events, interactive media, creative, design, PR jobs in UK.for more information visit
  3. 3. Contact MajorPlayers: +44(0)207 836 4041 Mike Iannella: Charley Caines: