School Security Presentation for Board of Finance


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Slides which highlight the Board of Education's request for support for its proposed security installations at the four elementary schools.

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School Security Presentation for Board of Finance

  1. 1. Orange Public SchoolsSchool SecurityJanuary 28, 2013School Security InitiativesRequest for Support
  2. 2. A COMMON SENSE PERSPECTIVE: CAPSS; CABE; CASBO; CAS; CSDE -- “Security Symposium” National Presenters on “School Security Readiness” Formed an Ad-Hoc Committee (Not just BOE members)  Police and Fire  Security Specialists  Technology  Buildings and Grounds  Administrators, Teachers, and Parents
  3. 3. A COMMON SENSE PERSPECTIVE:  We‟ve done our research  We‟ve come to understand concepts, such as “line of sight,” “shatter-guard,” and “sally-ports”  We‟ve come to recognize the difference between „prevention‟ and „mitigation‟THERE IS NOTHING ‘KNEE-JERK’ IN OUR PROPOSAL
  4. 4. A COMMON SENSE PERSPECTIVE:  Common Sense enhancements that „mitigate‟ a potential situation  Security applications that have a multi- use sensibility  Updates that are contemporary and take advantage of technology  Steps other districts have already taken in the past 6 – 10 yearsTHERE IS NOTHING ‘KNEE-JERK’ IN OUR PROPOSAL
  5. 5. A COMMON SENSE PERSPECTIVE:  BOE Facilities Director, collaboratively with Police Department and Fire Department  Since 2006; most recent January 17, 2013  SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (critical infrastructure assessments)  Many recommendations -- „just out of reach‟ Out of Reach Within Reach Surveillance cameras Classroom blinds Classroom door lock-sets Velcro work-around Improved ID system Sign-ins and lock-down drillsTHERE IS NOTHING ‘KNEE-JERK’ IN OUR PROPOSAL
  6. 6. PREVENTION Yes, inKEY Things to Do Now: process Not yet• Positive Behavior Intervention• Bullying Prevention• SAFE Schools Climate Plans• Mandated Teacher Reporting• Develop close Teacher/Student relationships in which students feel free to report to adultsTO THE ABOVE:ADD A FULL-TIME SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER
  7. 7. MITIGATIONThis is where basic principles collideBy design:While we may wish it was different:Our schools have become the centers of our community.There‟s no such thing as a risk-free environment… anywhere.
  8. 8. MITIGATIONThe environment we create for our children is their 3rd teacher Classroom teacher = #1 Peer relationships = #2 School environment = #3 1960‟s: “The world is 2013: “The world is creative, orderly, structured, disciplined collaborative, tech-y, etc…” , etc…”
  9. 9. MITIGATIONThe environment we create for our children is their 3rd teacher Classroom teacher = #1 Peer relationships = #2 School environment = #3 2013: “The world is a dangerous, fearful place?”
  10. 10. MITIGATION GOAL: MINIMIZE THE IMPACT OF ACTS THAT COULD OCCUR.9 Things to Do Now: Yes, in process Not yet• Review and enforce traffic patterns and parking rules (separate entrances)• Review building sight-lines and remove obstructions; (trees above 7’; bushes below 3’)• Review exterior exits and pathways• Review keying and door security• Review the conditions of windows and blinds• Review the mass communications systems• Review all policies and procedures with first responders• Make building and site plans available to first responders• Develop a collaborative relationship with first responders
  11. 11. Six Priorities1 Prevention Measure5 Mitigation Measures  All are well thought-out and sensible  Most are already in place in other school districts  Most have additional benefits  All take advantage of up-to-date technologies  All are based in expert advice  All have rough estimates, based on actual site visits  All are supported by specific drawings of locations and installationsApproximate „Soft‟ Estimate: $730,000
  12. 12. Prevention: School ResourceOfficerAssign a trained School ResourceOfficer to the schools, full-time,rotatingRationale:  Both a prevention and a mitigation measure  Unscheduled, unannounced presence throughout the schools on a daily basis  Work with students on contemporary issues: bullying, communications media, substances, decision-making
  13. 13. Mitigation: „Rapid Call‟ ButtonsInstall „Rapid Call‟ Buttons at all fourschoolsRationale:  Out-dated announcement systems  Evidence shows “moments matter.”  Mass notification system: 1-step push-of-a-button to make both a pre-recorded loud speaker announcement and a 911 call simultaneously  Automatically release the fire-doorsApproximate Cost: all four schools = $29,000
  14. 14. Mitigation: ID Badge Entry SystemInstall ID Card readers to open lockedentryway doors on color-coded lanyards;changing exterior doorsRationale:  Doors locked at all times  Teachers and staff always recognizable to children as people who can help  Teachers and staff recognizable to police  „Familiar‟ system used at many companies; parents recognize itApproximate Cost: w/panic button, all four schools = $150,000
  15. 15. Mitigation: Classroom Door LocksChange locksets on all classroom doors;auto-lock from hallwayRationale:  Classroom doors would be locked at all times  Eliminates „operator error.‟  All the locksets at one building would be keyed together; no matter where you were, you can access a secure classroom.  Classroom doors locked when room is empty; secures students‟ belongingsApproximate Cost: $97,000 ($150 per lock-set, installed)
  16. 16. Mitigation: Video SurveillanceInstall cameras at entrances, playgrounds,in offices, in common areas, downhallwaysRationale:  From multiple computers, can monitor schools in real-time  Can review recordings after an incident occurs  Can preserve recording for future needs  Useful for acts of vandalism; a child gone missing, the cause of a accidentApproximate Cost: $430,000 (exterior, interior, plus fiber optics)
  17. 17. Mitigation: Sally-ports or securitywindowsAdding a level of security at theentrances to the schools  A „sally-port‟ vestibule or a „security window‟  In combination with a monitor and shatter-guardRationale:  „Minutes matter;‟ cannot prevent, but can possibly mitigate  Monitoring is not a secretarial function; before school/ after school  Change in visitor traffic patternApproximate Cost: $100,000
  18. 18. Collaboratively, the BOE is alsorequesting… • Support for the Police Department‟s „Wireless Backhaul System‟ request (needed for surveillance cameras) -- $125,000 • Support for the Police Department‟s personnel request to accommodate a full-time SRO in the schools -- TBD
  19. 19. School Security Ad-Hoc Committee• Debra Marino - BOE • Officer John Aquino – PD• Jeff Cap - BOE • Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo – PD• William Kraut - BOE • Lt. Andy Steinbrick -- PD• Keith Marquis - BOE • Police Chief Robert Gagne -- PD• Robert Ricciardi -- BOE • Fire Marshall Tim Smith -- FD• Mike Luzzi -- CO • Fire Chief Charles Gagel -- FD• Colleen Murray – CO / Admin • Kai Graves -- CO• Mike Gray -- Admin • Kevin McNabola -- CO• Eric Carbone -- Admin • Matthew Bruder – Tech Admin• Lisa Kaplan -- Teacher • Steve Bergin -- Admin• Cindy Figuly -- PTO President/Parent • Patricia Clark – 21st Century• Denise Hart -- Teacher • Kristen Boken -- Teacher• Rick Fontana -- Parent • Matt Stevens -- Teacher• Sue Falvey -- Parent • Lynn McMullin -- Superintendent• Stan Osowiecki -- Parent