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WordPress 4.3: A Great Thing Made Even Better



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WordPress 4.3: A Great Thing Made Even Better

  1. A great thing- made even better. WORDPRESS4.3
  2. For digital publishing beginners, WordPress continues to be the fastest, most flexible, and easiest-to-learn solution for getting your content “out there.” Here’s what’s new in Wordpress 4.3 usewordpress? Why
  3. THECUSTOMIZER The Customizer already lets you really concentrate on what you’re presenting and how, without having to dig into any CSS or HTML. But now
  4. The Customizer has a new button on the WordPress Toolbar and has been expanded to include menu management, which allows you to create, customize, and position menus within your theme. THECUSTOMIZER
  5. SITEICON You used to need a plugin to add favicons, but now
  6. Customizer has a new “Site Icon” option that enables the upload of a “favicon”—the small icon you see next to a site’s name. You can even crop the image from WordPress admin. SITEICON
  7. CONTENTEDITOR You already spend most of your time writing posts in the WordPress content editor. Now there’s a fast new way to format your text
  8. Introducing inline automation for headings, lists, blockquotes, and links. That means you can work faster when you’re writing by using inline shortcuts to format text. CONTENTEDITOR
  9. passwords Keeping your site secure is more important than ever. WordPress cares about your security
  10. passwords WordPress now helps you create very strong passwords and makes you jump through hoops if your password is not strong enough.