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Reflen 2018


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Pitch deck of Reflen 2018 Feb

Published in: Sales
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Reflen 2018

  1. 1. Real-time engagement with human and machine collaborative intelligence
  2. 2. Problem • Effectiveness of online communication • Cost and scalability of real-time engagement • Complexity of adopting Machine learning and AI technology
  3. 3. What we hear is the need for… • A mechanism to collect structured and unstructured data in a anonymous environment • Algorithms making decisions in real-time • A platform that supports digital personalization at scale Executives talk about data and efficiency every day… • “Do more with less” • “We could provide a better user experience, but need more people to scale” • “With the right data and tools we could get more done” Challenge
  4. 4. An end-to-end cognitive software that brings real-time understanding and engagement to your customers. Solution Plug and play chat Widget Real-time A.I Engine Knowledge management Scales through automation Superior service with decision support Reduces cost by optimizing workforce Monitors activities Rich user experiences Easy to implement code Creates new opportunity Utilizes experts Trains & onboards new staff
  5. 5. S.U.R.E. Understand ReasonEngage Sense
  6. 6. convospot: live engagement and decision support on the “spot” A plug and play AI service that enhances real-time engagement by collecting intentions and suggesting answers from natural language understanding (MVP Feb 2018). cognospot: enhance agent capacity by cognitive computing The complete version of our cognitive platform which has real-time actionable engagement, deep behavior understanding, and continuous interactive learning. (early validation) Product
  7. 7. Martech industry worth $34B in 2017 50% respondents say they don’t have the tools they need yet. 16% of technology budgets going to martech. Streaming Analytics Market $ 3.08B 2016 $13.7B by 2021 CAGR 34.8% Driven by: IOT, Increases in data, rising spend on real- time analytics Online Chat to grow to $987M in NA by 2021 ● Online Chat ○ B2B companies using chat on average see a 20% increase in conversions ○ Live chat is more than 50% cheaper than handling phone calls. ● There will be a great demand in different large markets for AI and ML applied solutions ● General e-commerce conversion range 2-3% ● Our offering will increase that % and drive revenue ● A better digital experience built from personalized messaging will extend brands and also add to the top line Market
  8. 8. Cognospot Convospot Competition
  9. 9. Real Time Analytics Modern Chat Cognospot SaaS + Professional Service ○ The entire cognitive platform ○ Deeper contextual understanding of user behavior ○ Intention analytics ○ API & SDK Convospot SaaS ○ Take advantage of our augmented approach to modern chat ○ Show the value of real-time engagement aided by analytics ○ Bring “Big data” value to small companies without the IT investment Large Enterprise SMB Mid market Enterprise Business Model
  10. 10. Homer Quan CTO and co-founder Chief architecture at Wise System(Techstar 15) Yahoo News & Search Jim LaMarche CEO and co-founder Director Cloud Partnerships at Plumchoice Sales, Chl Mgt & Global Business development at Cisco Liu Qiang Mentor on Machine Learning Assistant Professor at UT Austin Team