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Kruma Pitch Deck


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Kruma Currency Exchange Pitch Deck

Published in: Technology
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Kruma Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Exchange money at the True Exchange Rate
  2. 2. International Travelers lose an estimated 8 to 15% when changing currency. Problem
  3. 3. Today’s Solutions Expensive Fees at Airport Slow and Inconvenient Hidden Fees Limited Currencies
  4. 4. Exchange travel money at the True Exchange Rate anywhere in the world and spend with your Kruma Debit Card.  Pay as you go plan with capped ATM withdrawal limits at $150 a month ($1 per withdrawal after)  Premium plan at $9.99 a month with extended limits and benefits  1% Fee maximum on all Currency Exchanges (waived on premium plan)  2% fee to withdraw cash to a Mobile Money like MPesa or MTN Money (waived on premium plan)  4% fee to pickup cash via Kruma Vendors (in select regions) (2% on premium plan) Our Smart Solution
  5. 5. Download the Free App, Add Money with a bank transfer, card and Exchange Request your Free Kruma Virtual or Plastic Debit Card to spend when abroad Don’t have your Kruma Card? Get Cash now with Kruma Vendor Partner How it Works
  6. 6. Ali Farah Co-Founder 1st generation Somali-American immigrant. Spent 7 years at Morgan Stanley leading the Digital line of business for operations on the Wealth Management side Theo Denanyoh Co-Founder 1st generation Ghanaian-American immigrant. Spent 5 years at Morgan Stanley in Digital on the Wealth Management side and 2 years at JP Morgan Chase in retail Risk Our Team
  7. 7. $5.1T Currency Traded Worldwide daily $246B Spent by 75.6M Travelers to US only $49B Currency Exchange Fees in US Source : Broker Notes Source : National Travel & Tourism Office Market Opportunity
  8. 8. Competitors The Big Banks and companies are expensive with no fee transparency Not enough currency options and not solving problems for migrant communities. Kruma is the future of fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges. We are on a mission to make exchanging money convenient and affordable!
  9. 9. Why we are better Convert currency at the True Exchange Rate by Kruma The most convenient suite of solutions. It’s your money, don’t wait for it to be mailed – access it now! Affordable, easy to use and access to multiple currencies using BTC, ETH,LTC.
  10. 10. Financial Projection We need $1M for a product launch in July 2018 and to give us 12 months of runway to:  Build a Product, Development and Marketing team  Grow users base to 35,000 Monthly Active Users (MAUs)  Build out our cryptocurrency technology to reduce transaction costs.
  11. 11. Join us to bring affordable currency exchange to world Web – Email – & Check out our prototype