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Harper Escapes By Albert And Jayden


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This slideshow accompanies Albert and Jayden's original composition, Harper's Escape, a beautiful piece illustrating a scene from the novel, Thursday's Child.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Harper Escapes By Albert And Jayden

  1. 1. Harper’s Escape By Jayden and Albert For the major project we have composed some music for the Tunnel Scene. We have tried to bring out the feelings that we believe Harper was feeling at the time.
  2. 2. The Tunnel Scene Harper falls through a trapdoor that Tin made for Vandery Cable. This trapdoor leads into one of Tin’s tunnels. As Harper tries to escape, she finds herself being chased by Tin. She is scared and fearful of Tin. As Harper is chased out of the tunnel by Tin she sees light and is happy to be out of the dark and scary tunnel.
  3. 3. The Music We composed the music so that it starts off suspenseful and dark to show Harpers fear at the time, then as she gets out of the tunnel there is a pause and then the music becomes more bright and describes Harpers relief to be out.
  4. 4. This picture is showing what Harper sees as she gets out of the tunnel and sees the light.
  5. 5. This background picture shows Tin giving a hand to Harper. He helped her get out of the tunnel.
  6. 6. The End