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2011 Innovation Showcase


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A summary of highlights of the 2011 DEECD Innovation Showcase

Published in: Education
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2011 Innovation Showcase

  1. 1. 2011 DEECD Innovation Showcase Summary Friday 13th May 2011Melbourne Convention Centre Lucy Barrow
  2. 2. “This event features Victoria’s mostforward thinking practitioners whowill share the innovations making adifference in their settings.” Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, 2011 DEECD Innovation Showcase,
  3. 3. Point of View Camera (used by Indigenous students in RMIT’s pre-vocational courses in plumbing).: Students record themselves completing a task.: Video footage can then be shared or used forassessment purposesHow could we use point of view cameras in ourteaching and learning settings?
  4. 4. .: Excellent use ofUltranet (VictorianGovernment School’sPortal) to deliver theLiteracy course, inparticular, writing.: Use of a number ofWeb 2.0 tools to engagestudents, eg: wikis,blogs, Xtranormal,fotobabble, Photo Peach
  5. 5. “…Powerful tools forproblem solving,collaboration, strategicthinking and forwardplanning.”Read the blog post by Adam Bricefrom Ringwood North PS
  6. 6. .: Use of videoconferencing tools to givean isolated school inregional Victoria access tothe world.: Use of Skype andElluminate.: Live Skype call during thesession to students inMalaysia illustrated thepower of this approachRead the blog post by Anne Mirtschinfrom Hawkesdale P-12 College
  7. 7. .: Opportunity to meeteducators for the first time whohave been key influences andassisted in the development ofour school’s virtual worldsprogram .: Virtual History Project.: FUSE website – Find, Use andShare quality Educationresources
  8. 8. The closing session was colourful, exciting, inspiring, emotional, hilarious and life changing!Copies of The Happiest Refugee,by Anh Do, are available from the Senior School Library
  9. 9. Recordings of the sessions will be available on the Innovations Showcase website Find 1:1 Learning resources on the DEECD eLearning ICT Showcase website