The Game Of Tin


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Tom C, Tom D and Lee have explored the novel by creating three games: Buried by Mud, Save Caffy and Underground Tin.

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The Game Of Tin

  1. 1. The Game Of Tin Sections of the game include: • Buried By Mud • Save Caffy • Underground with Tin
  2. 2. BURIED BY MUD By Lee
  3. 3. Buried By Mud TIN
  4. 4. • BACKGROUND Trees on the riverbank Background is blue because of the water.
  5. 5. Tin buried in mudslide Quotes used This quote is in the game: read out when The creek Tin is buried by bank had the mudslide caved in, right on top of Tin. There was not a spot of him left to be seen. (pg 8)
  6. 6. MUD This is the mud that Tin has to avoid in the game. If he hits it he is “buried by the mud”.
  7. 7. RABBIT The only thing that Tin eats in the book is rabbit stew. In the game he needs energy to play the game so I made his energy source a rabbit. When eaten Tin say‟s “yummy”.
  8. 8. HARPER We chose to use this picture because Harper was scared when she saw tin was Buried by the mudslide. “I screeched to him over and over, thinking if he could hear me he‟d be comforted”. (pg 8)
  9. 9. SAVE CAFFY By Tom D
  10. 10. Overview • The game I have designed is a maze game. • It is based on the part of the book where Caffy falls down the old well and Tin digs down to rescue him. • Our group all designed their games using the Gamemaker software.
  11. 11. References to the Book • Our group has tried to make our games tie in with events form the book. • We have also used quotes taken directly from the book to keep the connection with the theme of the book.
  12. 12. Characters This is Caffy, the players goal in this game is to This is Tin. He is rescue him before its too the main late. Rescuing Caffy will character in my move you on to the next game. His job is level, however, if you to rescue Caffy don‟t get to him in time from the old well. you will have to start the game again.
  13. 13. Quotes • „Audrey`s hand fluttered onto Caffy`s cheek.” He died,” she said‟ (Page 132) • „Tin bowed his head and his hair fanned over Caffy… Tin, his arms empty, stepped away.‟ (Page 132)
  14. 14. Underground with Tin By Tom C
  15. 15. The characters and objects Tin is the Harper is trying to enemy in this escape from Tin game. He is chasing Harper and not get caught. in his underground labyrinth.
  16. 16. Objects You need to You need to collect The money is the collect all the the hearts so you “bonus” and rabbits to can get back at Tin yields you more advance to the and “capture” him. points next level.
  17. 17. Quotes When Harper is „caught‟ by Tin the quote “Tin leave me, please, don‟t touch me, help me, Tin, I‟m sorry, I‟m afraid.‟ pg 202 said by Harper.