Google plus chapter 14 - searching


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In this section you will learn about Google Plus Searching..


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  • In this section you will learn about Google Plus Searching
  • In this section, you will learn:Search Google Plus for contentShare content from a search
  • At the top of your Google Plus home page, there is a search boxThe Search field is to the right of your Google Plus home page navigation
  • Enter the name, phrase, or keyword you would like to search for in the ‘Search Google+’ boxPress enter to see all Google Plus content related to your search
  • In this example, we have used the keyword ‘Google Plus’ in the search boxIn the People and pages section, I see the item I was looking for, ‘the g+ resource’Clicking on the search result will take me to that item’s profile
  • Once you are on the page you were searching for, you can add it to your circles using the Circles link in the top right corner of the pageYou can also choose to share the page by clicking the Share this page link on the left side of the page underneath the profile picture
  • Clicking the Share this page link will allow you to share the page via your StreamYou can add comments if you likeYou can also select specific circles to share with or even specific peopleWhen you’re done making your selections, click on the green Share button
  • You can view your shared content on your home page It will appear in your stream the same way a regular post will appear
  • Searching Google content will return results from all available content in Google PlusYou can filter your results using the auto filters at the top of your search results
  • In this example, the search results are filtered to the People and Pages category. Now my results show only those items that are categorized as People and Pages.
  • Google plus chapter 14 - searching

    1. 1. Google Plus (+) Searching
    2. 2. In this section you will learn: • How to search Google Plus for content • Share content from a search • Filter your search results
    3. 3. Search Google Plus for content • From your Google Plus Home Page • Locate the Search Google+ box at the top, near your Home Page navigation
    4. 4. Search Google Plus for content • Enter your desired search • Press Enter
    5. 5. Share Content from Search • Once your search has returned content • Share by clicking on the Share link
    6. 6. Share Content from Search • You can add the page to your circles • You can share the page
    7. 7. Share Content from Search • Sharing the content will allow you to post the info for the page or person to your Stream with comments
    8. 8. Share Content from Search • Your shared content will appear in your Stream on your home page
    9. 9. Filtering your Search Results • Searches return results from everyone • You can filter your search results
    10. 10. Filtering your Search Results • Using the auto filters will help you find what you’re looking for much easier • In this example, I have set my filter to People and Pages