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Google +

  1. 1. WHAT IS GOOGLE +?• Social networking “project” brought to you by Google• Business Communication Tool• Mobile/Phone Services• Document Services• Game Platform•
  2. 2. DOWNSIDES TO GOOGLE +• Where is everybody?• Doesn’t intuitively find friends• Must have a Google account, or use a specialized app to sign up• Invite only launch led to a largely tech community, but not many others (yet)• Doesn’t link effectively with existing social networking products• Some functions are still limited to advanced users, obvious add-ins must be crafted
  3. 3. WHY WOULD YOU USE GOOGLE +?• Unique Privacy Control• Web Services Integration with other online products: Such as Picasa and Google Reader• Simple and effective group communications: “Hangouts” and “Huddles”• Tech oriented user group• Growing and changing to include more services based on customer demand
  4. 4. PROFILES• Profiles share information about you with other users:Who you areWhat you doWhere you liveYour InterestsContact Information• Privacy settings determine what parts of your profile are visible to others• You can manage your profile privacy according to your circles
  5. 5. CIRCLES• Groups of people organized by labelsFamilyFriendsAquintancesCo-WorkersBest Friends“The Guys”Etc.• Circles allow you to easily share information with specific groups, while excluding others• People can be organized into more than one user group
  6. 6. STREAM SHARING• Use your stream to post content or “+1” links onlineStatus updates: “Our flight to Florida is delayed, Boo!”Links: “These politicians are at it again,”Photos: Tagg-able and Cleverly backed up with PicasaDocuments: Group editing just got easier. Now viewable with Hangouts!• Stream posts are easily shared with specific groups, while leaving others out
  7. 7. SEARCHES AND SPARKS• Search Engine helps you search Google+ for people, pages and information within Google +• Sparks: Formerly a way to provide you with content based on your interests, now sparks is imbedded in the search. Sparks doesn’t just search Google+, it also searches the web.• Search results can be organized+1’d by circles“Best of”Most recentEtc.
  8. 8. HANGOUTS• Hangouts are group video chats• This feature is unique to Google+ in the social networking world and is touted as the projects best feature• Streamlined “user friendly” interface for real-time meetings• New document viewing feature allows for a group chat to take place simultaneously with document editing
  9. 9. PHOTOS• Google+ features a photo album product through Picasa• Cloud based photo storage creates a back-up of your important images• Easy tagging and sharing with circles• Privacy settings offer content control• Settings also control who can tag you in images posted by others
  10. 10. GAMES• Games you can play alone or share with your circles• Game s are searchable and can be added to your home page• Games often access your personal information so be sure to read disclaimers
  11. 11. MOBILEDownloadable web app for mobiles devices makes Google + accessible from anywhere.Available at
  12. 12. GOOGLE + PAGES• Google + pages for institutions, instead of people• You can “follow” and/or “+1” Google + Pages to add their content to your streamTake a look at Skokie Public Library’s Google + Page
  13. 13. PRIVACY: BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PROFILE• If you are concerned about privacy, be sure to customize your settings before you fill out your profile• Privacy settings can be found under the gear icon on the top right corner• These settings allow you to set defaults for how your information is shared• Every time you add new content you can alter your defaults to fit specific circles