Google plus chapter 4 - hangouts


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In this section, you will learn about Google Plus Hangouts
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  • In this section, you will learn about Google Plus Hangouts
  • In the Hangouts section, you will learn about:
    Video chatting
    Multiple chatters at once
    Installing the Video Plugin
    Installing Google Voice
  • The first time you use the Hangout module, you will need to do a little setup work
    When you click on “Create a Hangout”, you will see the loading screen
    This screen appears when Google is checking to see if you have everything you need on your computer to properly operate the Hangout module
    Wait a few minutes for the check to run
  • Video Chatting makes it easy to talk with your contacts right from Google Plus
    When you start the Hangout, the Google Plus settings will determine your camera capabilities and show a picture of you on the screen
    You will be able to adjust the view as you need to in order for your contacts to see you clearly.
  • Once your Hangout is open, you can invite contacts to enter the Hangout
    You can select individual contacts or select an entire Circle at once
  • To have multiple chatters at once, simply click on the Chat option
    This turns the Hangout into a virtual Chat room where others can post comments
    You will see your friends in the list as they join the Hangout with you
  • If you do not have the proper plugins that you need to run the Hangout, Google Plus will prompt you to install what you need
    If you see the message above, simply click on the green Install Plugin button to begin installing your needed plugins
    Google Plus will take care of the rest
  • Once you install the plugin, Google Plus will install Google Voice automatically
    Google Voice is needed to do voice chat and video chatting
    It is a Google Product and is safe to install on your computer
  • Google plus chapter 4 - hangouts

    1. 1. Google Plus (+) Hangouts
    2. 2. Hangouts • • • • Video Chatting Multiple Chatters at Once Installing the Video Plugin Installing Google Voice
    3. 3. Loading the Hangout module • Once you select “Create a Hangout”, you will see the load screen.
    4. 4. Video Chatting • Have live video chats right from Google + with your contacts.
    5. 5. Video Chatting • Invite contacts or entire Circles to Hangout with you.
    6. 6. Multiple Chatters at Once • You can make your Hangout into a Chat Room also by clicking Chat.
    7. 7. Installing the Plug-in • If you get a message to install the Plug-in, simply click the green Install Plugin button to get started. To your success,
    8. 8. Installing Google Voice • Installing the Plugin should automatically install Google Voice as well.