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Are you a Twit or a Tweep #ililc5

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Are you a Twit or a Tweep #ililc5

  1. 1. Are you a Twit or a Tweep? Lisa Stevens @lisibo
  2. 2. Today we’ll explore why tweet? getting started jargon and technicalities dos and don’ts Twitter in education
  3. 3. Becoming a Twit ;) user name bio profile picture privacy
  4. 4. Why tweet? connections and sharing build a PLN work interests community worldwide knowledge SurveyMonkey
  5. 5. Having a great time in Southampton at #ililc5 learning lots about MFL. This tweet can be seen by anyone who follows me and can be searched (as I have not locked my account)
  6. 6. @SpanishSam - wish you were here This tweet can be seen by anyone who follows both Sam and I. It will also appear in Sam’s notifications.
  7. 7. .@bootleian - wish you were here This tweet can be seen by anyone in my timeline (i.e. who follows me) as @ is not the first character. It will also appear in John’s notifications.
  8. 8. @ vs DM An @ message is directed to the person but is public - like shouting across the room. A DM (direct message) is like a text and is private. This is how to send e.g. email addresses or have private conversations
  9. 9. RT and MT RT = retweet Use when you want to share what someone else has tweeted MT - modified tweet Use when you edit the tweet Quote - apps like Tweetbot and Twitter allow you to quote and comment on the tweet
  10. 10. Making ‘friends’ and influencing people
  11. 11. How to make ‘friends’ follow people you know import contacts invite people search for things that interest you lists
  12. 12. MFL lists departments languages-uk
  13. 13. Lists organise followers into groups follow ‘themes’ easily share groups of contacts
  14. 14. Hashtags meetings interests days conferences sorting things
  15. 15. Hashtag - ‘meetings’ #ukedchat - every Thursday 8pm- 9pm #globalclassroom - every 2nd Saturday 11am #
  16. 16. Hashtags - ‘interests’ Twitter hashtags for teachers #mfltwitterati - language teachers #ipaded - iPads #byod or #1to1 #mflchat #100wc
  17. 17. Hashtags - to follow memes and/or have a laugh! #RuinAMovieWithPancake - as I was planning! #FoxNewsFacts
  18. 18. Hashtag - days! #FF - follow Friday - use to endorse people/let people know you appreciate them #PedagooFriday - celebrate great things in education #errantapostropheWednesday
  19. 19. Hashtags ‘conferences’ #ililc5 of course! #TMBett2015 - every year so need to add date #MFLDevon - for MFL conferences in Devon
  20. 20. What should I tweet?
  21. 21. You can tweet… words links pictures videos (now directly from Twitter app (iOS and Android)
  22. 22. Unmaking friends mute unfollow block report
  23. 23. Dos and don’ts don’t click on tweets with just a URL be suspicious of tweets from people with 3 followers that follow 735 and have only tweeted once use ‘block’ and report spam
  24. 24. Dos and don’ts tweets are 140 characters; if you need more than that, blog it! (Or use Twitlonger!) think before you tweet! remember that your tweets are public
  25. 25. Dos and don'ts decide if this is a personal or professional thing. If you mix, be careful mind your language review who you follow periodically watch out for ‘trolls’
  26. 26. Be interesting and relevant!
  27. 27. If you have nothing to say, don’t tweet!
  28. 28. Don’t get Twitterhea! Especially if you’re talking about yourself!
  29. 29. Tweeting in education? Is there a place for it? What is that place? How can we manage it?
  30. 30. Tweeting schools Here’s a Twitter list of tweeting UK schools And US/Canadian schools
  31. 31. Cleverbox suggests…
  32. 32. Use in the classroom
  33. 33. Ideas ask questions share work celebrate what’s going on get feedback from outside talk to the other side of the world
  34. 34. A French class
  35. 35. Lots of ideas also 50 ideas - written 2005!
  36. 36. Practicalities who’s in control? do you need permission? one account or many?
  37. 37. Twitter “clients” Tweetdeck Hootsuite Twitter app Tweetbot app SurveyMonkey
  38. 38. Visualising tweets Visibletweets Twitterfall Tweetbeam Tweetmonster
  39. 39. also
  40. 40.
  41. 41. #firsttweet
  42. 42. Stumbleupon quiz
  43. 43. Storify
  44. 44. More advice and ideas! Join the MFL Twitterati and Step by step instructions Using Twitter in MFL My biggest and best teaching resource The Language of Twitter (article in The Guardian Teachers Network) Using video on Twitter in education
  45. 45. Most cartoons from 35-funny-twitter-cartoons.html
  46. 46. It’s addictive!
  47. 47. Lisa Stevens @lisibo Ltd

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