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3 Best Kindergarten Activities to Boost Learning


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If your child is in kindergarten this year, you know his teacher will have a long list of goals to accomplish before the end of the school year. To some degree, your child will definitely be working on:

Letter names and sounds
Sounding out for reading and writing
Sight word recognition and spelling
Printing letters and numbers
Understanding stories
Listening comprehension
Oral and written communication
Counting and understanding numbers
Addition and subtraction

Whether you are hoping to support your child’s learning at home, or are preparing your preschooler for next year, now is the time to familiarize your child with the activities they will be exposed to—so they can feel great about the new year. “Where to start?” may be on your mind.

Infographic with useful tips to do at home with your Kindergartner.
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3 Best Kindergarten Activities to Boost Learning

  1. 1. The 3 Best Activities for Boosting Letter names and sounds Sounding out for reading and spelling Sight word recognition TIP: Start by reading aloud while guiding your child to follow along with their finger. Have your child start to sound out some of the words. Increase their share of the reading as skills grow. TM Visit for information about reading, comprehension and math instruction that can help students of all ages and abilities learn to their potential. Kindergarteners learn… KINDERGARTEN LEARNING! PARENT GUIDE: Read simple books together. BEST ACTIVITY #1 READING COMPREHENSION Read a story aloud to your child. BEST ACTIVITY #2 Listening skills Story understanding Describing and retelling Kindergarteners work on… TIP: Read some sections without showing your child the pictures. Ask your child what he/she is seeing/imagining for a character or action. MATH Play family games together. BEST ACTIVITY #3 Understand number concepts Count Add and subtract Kindergarteners learn how to... TIP: Choose board games and card games that require number strategy. Games that include spending money, or getting rid of cards, require addition and subtraction. + =