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Lindamood-Bell's After-school programs for instruction and follow-up sessions. Includes information on instructional services.

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  • After School Programs

    1. 2. Our Learning Centers are open all day, year round, and have additional hours* after-school. *Check with your local center for weekend hours too.
    2. 3. At Lindamood-Bell our After-school Instruction options are ready to meet the needs of not only students beginning Lindamood-Bell instruction, but also students ready to begin applying instruction to their schoolwork.  Flexibility is a priority to meet the scheduling needs of our students.
    3. 4. One-to-one Instruction In order to close the gap between performance and potential, intensive (daily) instruction is necessary.  Many students come during regular school hours and complete four or six hours of daily instruction.  However, for some students that schedule is not ideal.  For these students we offer a less intensive option–one or two hour per day schedules, 5 days per week.  Differentiated to student's individual needs, students will complete their instruction over a longer period of time and benefit from being able to apply their increasing skills at school each day without waiting for a break in school.
    4. 5. Follow-up After a student has completed an instructional period at Lindamood-Bell, he or she may need additional support either until more intensive instruction can be received or in order to support success in the classroom.  Follow-up instruction is designed to take a student's newly  developed sensory-cognitive processing skills and apply those skills directly to content and potentially homework.  Instruction is one-to-one and a minimum of 2 days per week.  Follow-up instruction is offered at a 15% discount off regular instruction rates and schedules are reserved monthly.  Monthly pre-payment is required..
    5. 6. Homework Matters™ Homework Matters™ is designed for the student who has completed all recommended sensory-cognitive instruction and is fairly independent in his/her processing.  Designed to help students apply their processing skills to individual homework assignments after-school, students benefit from questioning and supervision while increasing independence and school success.  Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers may be open two hours after school Monday through Thursday for Homework Matters.  Admission to the Homework Matters program is by invitation only and students may come up to 4 days per week. Monthly tuition is only $496.00
    6. 7. Call Now and enroll in one of these great after-school programs. 800-300-1818