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Inspired instruction resources

  1. 1. Inspired Instruction: How I stoppedWorrying and Learned to Love AssessmentArticlesHolderied, Anthony. “Library Assessment From a Fresh Perspective.” Library Connect. 30 Dec. 2011. Web. 2 Oct. 2012.Self, Jim. “Library User Experience.”Library User Experience.Web. 2 Oct. 2012.Shi, Xi, and Sarah Levy. “A Theory-guided Approach to Library Services Assessment.” College & Research Libraries 66.3 (2005): 266–277. Print.Assessment ToolProject Sails: Project Sails is a web-based, multiple choice that can be scored in the cohort or individual model. Scores are given in relation to peer institutions and benchmarks for For more info, check out!Library Assessment Tips Start Small! What are we already doing? How can we gather data? What do we want to know? What assessment measures will give us the data we need? Who can help? How do we implement the assessment in a meaningful way? What can we learn from the data gathered? How does this inform instruction and services? How can we use the data for our benefit? Share the information with those in power!Who we are!Cynthia Dudenhoffer Carrie StrodtmanDirector of Information Resources Information Services LibrarianCentral Methodist University Central Methodist #molib2012