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Sina Weibo 101 and Engagement in Practice

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Digtial engagement sina-weibo_by liblog@edelman [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. 5/28/2010 Microblogs in China Microblog Users Tweets Followers of Influence Branded users Webiste Top 10 users Sina Weibo 5,000,000 140 Chinese 10,477,049 A mainstream 400 including Dell, characters information/news Nokia, Benz, Ford Support channel with video/picture/musi influence across all c content media channels QQ Weibo <1,400,000 140 Chinese N/A Medium <100 characters Entertainment- Support picture oriented Sina Weibo: content Sohu Weibo <300,000 No character limit N/A Low <100 advance engagement with 140 Chinese words Support picture Entertainment- content oriented 163 Weibo <250,000 163 characters N/A Very Low N/A Support picture News-oriented content Twitter 106,000,000 140 characters 38,050,257 High N/A What’s Sina Weibo? What’s the difference from Twitter • A microblog where you communicate in • Content: Embedded emoticons, photos, 140 Chinese and English characters video and lyrics • Reply: Hierarchical replies with original • Areal-time information and engagement tweet network powered by people all around • URL: Automatically shorten URLs as the country http://sinaurl.cn/XXX but seldom used • Engagement: More like a miniblog and a • The fastest growing member community “broader” engagement platform site with 10 million users • Portal page: A comprehensive portal page with celebrity users, business and media • A network facilitating openness, users, hottest entries as well as daily hot communication, and collaboration among topics your consumers and other stakeholders • API: Not open sourcing and API developers strictly selected • A power reshaping China social media • Integration: Backed and run by ecosystem and the way of future digital Sina.com.cn and connected with Sina blog engagement service 3 4 1
  2. 2. 5/28/2010 Sina Weibo vs Twitter Sina Weibo vs Twitter: Top Users Comparison Who are using it Sina Weibo is China’s leading microblog website with largest population of users; it is destination for experts, IT geeks and celebrities and other key influencers. It has the same influence in Chinese speaking world as Twitter in English speaking regions. Celebrity Media Entrepreneurs KOL Gov. official 6 Sina Weibo Ecosystem Why should you care Leading celebrities and top 1 influencers Your consumers are there 2 Media(TV, print media and online media), senior reporters Your consumers' favorite celebrities and 3 bloggers are there Thought-leaders, experts, 1 3 famous writers Your critics are there Famous bloggers, IT geeks, Your competitors are there 4 community leaders, grass-root star users, professionals 5 Company/brand and 5 2 organization users …they are talking about you, judging you 4 or event attacking you And you can not afford being absent ……especially in China 7 8 2
  3. 3. 5/28/2010 You need to move What Sina Weino can do for you Please click the icons below to see some cases or you could refer to the Appendix for those cases Manage consumer Launch new products Activate a campaign relations/Create FROM TO Advocacy FROM •Push •Pull •Push •Chase consumers • Own a hub •Chase consumers News Release & Event •Convince •Engage Social Media Crisis management •Convince Promotion •Observer Optimization •Participator •Observer •A brand •A brand with human face •A brand Build Brand Reputation, Drive Engagement and Enhance Consumer Loyalty 9 10 Sina Weibo Engagement Roadmap Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Listen WEIBO BUZZ AROUND YOUR BRAND, COMPETITOR INTELLIGENCE, ADVOCACY Define YOUR OBJECTIVES, AUDIENCE, VOICE, ACCOUNT NAME(S), AMBASSADORS • Gather the data needed listen & to establish benchmarks and inform strategy explore Build OFFICIAL ACCOUNT(S), PAGE THEMES, WEIBO POLICY & PROCESS synthesize Follow ADVOCACY, CONSUEMRS, KEY INFLUENCERS AND THEIR BUZZ • Build the foundation for sustained engagement Create CONTENT, CONVERSATIONS, NEW TOPICS AND A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY based on shared interests activate & and mutual gain. evaluate • Engage in real time with content optimized to Engage THOUGH CONVERSATION, QUIZ, COMPETITION, EVENTS, CAMPAIGNS maximize participation, action and mutual value creation. Integrate ONLINE AND OFFLINE ASSETS TO MAXIMIZE SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS 11 12 3
  4. 4. 5/28/2010 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Listen Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Define WHAT’S YOUR BUZZ YOUR OBJECTIVES: Build a brand, promote an event, improve consumer relationship? WHAT’S ARE TALKING AUDIENCE: Who are you target audience? VOICE: What kind of voice I talk to those audience? Friendly? Inspiring? Or funny? ACCOUNT NAMES: Same to my brand ? And how many accounts you want to have? A brand account and several product/event focuses accounts? And are those names still available? AMBASSADORS: Who will manage the account as a moderator? Yourself or agency? 13 14 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Build Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Follow ACCOUNT: Build official account(s) and get it verified. •Follow your advocacy groups and critics •Follow consumers PAGE THEMES : Create branded background, bio information, tags and others •Follow key influencers WEIBO POLICY & PROCESS : A social media policy for Sina Weibo account : A multiple function team to develop content framework and address consumer queries …….and their buzz : Frequency of updating : Following policy( a few or many) : Issue/Crisis management mechanism •Following is the first step for real engagement 15 16 4
  5. 5. 5/28/2010 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Create Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Create CONTENT: CONVERSATION: •Corporate news, product information, thoughts &ideas, tips, events •Tweet •URL •@ •Video •Retweet •Picture •DM Direct message •Music •#Hashtag## •Emotion 17 18 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Create Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Engage COMMUNITY: CONVERSATION: •Star a new topic and invite comments •Advocacy •Listen and participate in a conversation •Consumers through @ and RT •Envoys •Direct message for deeper conversation •Key influencers •Answer consumer queries through @ or reply 19 20 5
  6. 6. 5/28/2010 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Engage Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Engage QUIZ: COMPETITION: •Develop Weibo quiz featuring company/brand •Completion should have a theme and a clear themes/key message policy •Open-ended answers •Promote the quiz by awarding who RT it •Promote the quiz by awarding who RT it •Decide through lucky draws as well as other •Decide the winners both by who has right indexes such as influence(how may RTs they answers and lucky draw have) •A clear event policy •Announce winners in official account •Announce winners in official account 21 22 Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Engage Sina Weibo Engagement In Practice Integrate EVENTS AND CAMPAIGNS: Official Kaixin001 •Event and campaigns should have a theme website and a clear policy Blogs •Promote the quiz by awarding who RT it Sina •Use hashtag ## Offline • A mini-site or other social media channel as Branded events Weibo BBS the competition platform blogs Video sites •Tweet the updates and progress • Ask for feedback and give answers News •Announce winners in official account portals •Add a Sina Weibo widget in your minisite 23 24 6
  7. 7. 5/28/2010 A recap Measurement: Edelman Digital Approach 1 LISTEN COMESFIRST COLLECTION & Attention Engagement Authority Influence Sentiment MEASUREMENT 2 IT IS ABOUT PEOPLE, SO SPEAK LIKE A HUMAN • On-Message 3 A DEVOTED TEAM, SOURCES & SUPPORT FROM ALL DEPARTMENTS • Comments • Trackbacks • Followers Response • Retweets • Inbound Links Units of • Engaged • Positive / • Impressions • Sina weibo • Links to your celebrity users Negative / 4 PACKAGE YOUR MESSAGES IN AN INTERESTING &INSPIRING WAY Measurement • Page views referral traffic content and key Neutral • Participating • Shares influencers Discussion rating • Embeds ENGAGEMENT HAPPENs WHEN YOU FIND SHARED INTEREST WITH • Ratings 5 CONSUMERS 6 DO NOT SPAM • Sina Weibo • Sina Weibo • Sina Weibo • Brandtology • Sina Weibo searching engine searching engine searching engine 7 INTEGRATE SINA WEIBO WITH YOUR OFFLINE AND ONLINE ASSETS How to Collect • Search Analytics • Referral traffic • Searching • Search Analytics searching engine engines • Sina Weibo API • Brandtology • Search Analytics • Sina Weibo API 8 COMMUNICATE BRAND VALUE RATHER THAN SELL PRODUCTS 25 Measurement: Followers, Retweets and Replies Measurement: Buzz Increase and sentiment Followers Retweets Replies 27 28 7
  8. 8. 5/28/2010 Measurement: Weibo Index API(Beta) Judging your readiness to start Weibo • Successful social media campaigns depend on: − Time commitment − Media and content budget Activity Influence Rankin RT/@ Tweets/Follow Values PR ranking − Communication expertise ers − Quality content − Team resource to invest in direct audience engagement 29 Rule of Engagement 1. Commitment to Integrity a) Honesty b) Disclosure c) Identity 2. Commitment to Community a) Responsiveness b) Generosity c) Helpfulness d) Collaboration 3. Commitment to opinion a) Respectfulness b) Equality c) Freedom of speech 8
  9. 9. 5/28/2010 What Sina Weino can do for you Launch new products Appendix: What Sina Weibo Can Do For you 33 34 What Sina Weino can do for you What Sina Weino can do for you Manage consumer Activate a campaign relations 35 36 9
  10. 10. 5/28/2010 What Sina Weino can do for you What Sina Weino can do for you Crisis management Event Promotion 37 38 What Sina Weino can do for you What Sina Weino can do for you Social Media Optimization Build &Reinforce Brand Reputation and Drive Consumer Loyalty 39 40 10