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Demystifying Mobile - Marketing on Mobile is Still Marketing


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Jon Mikel-Bailey presented "Demystifying Mobile - Marketing on Mobile is Still Marketing" at Expo 2012.

The annual Business Expo is the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce's largest event of the year and is the largest trade show in Frederick County, Maryland.

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Demystifying Mobile - Marketing on Mobile is Still Marketing

  1. 1. Demystifying Mobile Marketing on Mobile is… Still Marketing! #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  2. 2. We’ll talk about… 1. Some Predictions about Mobile 2. ZMOT and the Mobile User 3. How to Think About Mobile Marketing 4. Your Plan of Attack! #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  3. 3. Predictions about Mobile1. 1 billion consumers will own smartphones by 20162. U.S. users will own 257 million smartphones and 126 million tablets3. Mobile spending will reach $1.3 trillion by 20164. Businesses expected to double spending on mobile by 2015.- Source: #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  4. 4. Tweet THIS!GigaOm says businesses expected to double spending onmobile by 2015. #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  5. 5. ZMOT - Source: #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  6. 6. ZMOT and the Mobile User Simon Salt asks this… “Experience is the emotional connection you make with the user. Do you generate feelings of frustration, anxiety, calm, entertainment, education, information?” - Shorty Guide To Mobile Marketing, Simon #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  7. 7. Tweet THIS!ZMOT occurs on mobile all the time. Is your business there atTHIS moment of truth? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  8. 8. How to Think about Mobile MarketingThinking about your buyer personas, ask yourself these questions…1. How will direct marketing send them to mobile?2. How else might they get there? Online Ads? Searches?3. What information would be useful to them and drive conversion?4. What information would frustrate them??? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  9. 9. How to Think about Mobile Marketing What about your priorities for mobile… - Source - #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  10. 10. How to Think about Mobile Marketing Now you have your priorities, what tools do you need? 1. Your website and/or Blog 2. Content 3. Social media channels 4. Mobile devices 5. A flexible/agile plan of #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  11. 11. Tweet THIS!The intersection of a mobile user’s needs with your businessgoals is what determines your mobile marketing #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  12. 12. Your Plan of Attack! Time to jump in, where to begin? Your website… Heart rate up? check… What happens when a mobile user lands on… YOUR WEBSITE??? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  13. 13. Your Plan of Attack! Is this your site? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  14. 14. Your Plan of Attack! Is your site practical? • 44x buttons? • Just the facts? • Obvious direction? • Obvious call to action? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  15. 15. Your Plan of Attack! The elements of a good mobile page… • Appears automatically on a mobile device • Thumb-proof navigation • Limited choices designed for mobile user • Fast #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  16. 16. Your Plan of Attack! Geoff and Gini put it this way… “Mobile is a medium that lends itself to brevity. Simpler, shorter messaging and graphic design are often less consuming from a creative production standpoint.” - Marketing in the Round, Geoff Livingston and Gini #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  17. 17. Tweet THIS!Your mobile site needs to be laser focused on the userexperience. #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  18. 18. Your Plan of Attack!Responsive DesignInstead of creating a mobilewebsite, create a websitethat adjusts itself formobile and otherdevices. #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  19. 19. Your Plan of Attack! What about Utility Marketing? Putting content and information in your marketing material that your target audience can #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  20. 20. Your Plan of Attack! Utility Marketing Content… This is the stuff that your target audience needs. Put this content up front, using responsive design… • blog posts • video or audio • Or simple things like phone number, directions, #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  21. 21. Tweet THIS!When someone has a question or a need, they reach for theirsmartphone or tablet. Are you there? #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  22. 22. Your Plan of Attack!Tools or tools.Don’t use a tool simplybecause its shiny and new.Use it because it fits,helps you achieve yourgoals, and is useful foryour audience. #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  23. 23. Your Plan of Attack! Strategies instead of tools… 1. Use a QR code to enhance not as your mobile marketing campaign. 2. Use mobile landing pages specific to a campaign 3. Remember that you have an audience with audiences (credit: Brian Solis). Think about content that will be shared. 4. Encourage interaction with the tools #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  24. 24. Tweet THIS!Mobile is not an island! It is a powerful piece of youroverall marketing strategy. #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  25. 25. Your Plan of Attack!Rinse and repeat…1. See what works. Check your analytics. Check your audience reactions.2. Test different approaches, A/B test if possible.3. Repeat the tactics that achieve the best results! #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey
  26. 26. QUESTIONS???Suggested Resources: Contact www.woodstreet.com 301.668.5006www.clickz.comGoogle “mobile marketing”! #fredexpo @jonmikelbailey