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Natalie Urquhart of iHire discussed how to make a resume into a marketing piece at Expo 2012.

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Modern Resume Strategies PDF Slideshow

  1. 1. MODERN RESUME STRATEGIESNatalie Urquhart, CARWResume Writing Supervisor,
  2. 2. TABLE OF • Past Resume Trends • Core Elements of a PowerfulCONTENTS Resume • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) • Three Effective Resume Strategies • Before & After Examples • Job Seeker Scenarios
  3. 3. PAST • Objective statementsRESUME • “Death by bullets” • Lists of duties/incompleteTRENDS TO sentencesAVOID • Months in career history • Positions from 15+ years ago • “References Available”
  4. 4. CORE • Title and summary • Key skills/core competenciesELEMENTS • Concise, dynamic contentOF A written in first person with “filler” words removed – the, a,POWERFUL an, I, me, my, etc.RESUME • Quantifiable achievements
  5. 5. APPLICANT • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) scan resumes for specificTRACKING keywords to determine qualifiedSYSTEMS applicants • Which specific keywords are employers scanning for?
  6. 6. THREE MOST 1) Chronological 2) FunctionalEFFECTIVE 3) HybridRESUMESTRATEGIESYour career history and current objective will determine thebest strategy for your resume.
  7. 7. FORMAT #1: • Title and summary section • Key skills sectionCHRONOLOGICAL • Career timeline with details covering job duties andRESUME achievements • Best for: Consistent objective and career history, notable achievements per position
  8. 8. Summary and key skills sectionsJob duties andresponsibilitiesfollowed bybulletedachievements
  9. 9. • Title and summary sectionFORMAT #2: • Key skills sectionFUNCTIONAL • Highlights section • Career timeline with companyRESUME name, location, job title, and dates only • Best for: Inconsistent and/or lengthy career history, repetitive job duties, changing careers, returning to work
  10. 10. Summary and key skills sectionsHighlightssection withexperiencedetails and topachievements Career timeline
  11. 11. • Title and summary sectionFORMAT #3: • Key skills sectionHYBRID • Highlights sectionRESUME • Career timeline with details on job duties/responsibilities and additional achievements • Best for: Consistent and lengthy career history with numerous achievements, notable accomplishments from positions 15+ years ago
  12. 12. Summary and key skills sectionsHighlightssection withachievementsAdditionaldetailscovering jobduties andresponsibilities
  13. 13. BEFORE
  14. 14. AFTER
  15. 15. BEFORE
  16. 16. AFTER
  17. 17. JOB SEEKER Mark has been a dentist for more than 30 years, working forSCENARIOS 5+ different offices with similar levels of responsibility. Which strategy would work best for Mark?
  18. 18. JOB SEEKER Ellen has had a successful 10- year career in sales, howeverSCENARIOS recently went back to school to earn a degree in social work and is seeking entry-level positions within this industry. Which format would be the most effective for Ellen’s career change?
  19. 19. JOB SEEKER Andrew has been working for the same advertising companySCENARIOS for the past 15 years, earning multiple promotions and serving most recently in a Creative Director role. He is moving to another state and wants to find a similar position. Which format would be the most beneficial for Andrew?
  20. 20. Q&A