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Airport Sampling and Experiential Program - Simple Skin Care


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Airport Sampling and Experiential Program - Simple Skin Care

Published in: Marketing
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Airport Sampling and Experiential Program - Simple Skin Care

  1. 1. Airport Sampling and Experiential Program Case Study Simple Skincare
  2. 2. Simple Skincare & AMI Sampling & Experiential Situation Travel can be harsh on skin-causing it to be sensitive, although it isn’t always easy to see. Simple Skincare® wanted to show consumers how their skin can be sensitive to the challenges it faces while traveling, and reveal how Simple Skincare® can provide the answer in being kind to skin. Their goal was to drive awareness, deeper educate and engage on travel skin triggers, and engage passengers with content and product trial. These goals were to be supported with strong social media activation and awareness of the launch of their online skin forecasting tool. All within a relaxing atmosphere. Tactics AMI created Simple Skincare® Oasis experiential marketing spaces post-security in two of the nation’s busiest airports, Chicago O’Hare and Charlotte Douglas International Airports. Over the course of 10 days AMI Brand Ambassadors sampled three separate products from the Simple Skincare ® product line, distributed tip cards for keeping your skin healthy while traveling, coupons for Simple Skincare ® products and branded giveaways. In addition AMI created a station for live trial and usage of the online skin forecasting tool as well as a station for display and learning about the full Simple Skincare ® product line. Results Simple Skincare® saw an increase in brand awareness from this program, and the airports benefited by providing an enhanced travel experience for passengers. The program was a resounding success, with the distribution of over 170,000 samples, 60,000 coupons, 50,000 tip cards and 13,000 giveaways during the course of the program, meeting all distribution goals. “We are extremely pleased with the experiential marketing program recently executed by AMI on behalf of our client Unilever. From the beginning, the team at AMI worked with us to create branded areas that allowed thousands of meaningful engagements with relevant consumers on a daily basis.” - Cory DeWeese, Director, Client Engagement