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Airport Sponsorship Program for FX Networks


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Airport Sponsorship Program for FX Networks

Published in: Marketing
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Airport Sponsorship Program for FX Networks

  1. 1. Airport Sponsorship Program Case Study FX Networks
  2. 2. FX Networks & AMI Program Launch Situation FX Networks primary goal was to promote and create awareness for their new series, The Strain, in key airport markets across the country. Tactics AMI worked closely with the FX team to formulate a high impact sampling and awareness program that aligned with FX’s objectives. It was decided that FX would activate a multi-faceted program within Hudson News airport retail stores in 5 different US markets – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas. During their 1 month program, FX placed an emphasis on educating travelers on the series premiere. They achieved this by handing customers branded “Strain” eye masks in 2 airports (JFK & LAX) to be used on the plane or in their home. In addition, highly visible branded “Strain” shopping bags were used to capture the eyes of hundreds of thousands in 3 markets (ORD, SFO, DFW). To round out the campaign, the “Strain” creative was displayed across digital plasma screens within airport retail locations in all 5 markets. Results FX was completely thrilled with the campaign and "The Strain," is one of the biggest initial hits in the network's history. A total of 250,000 branded bags and 100,000 branded eye masks were successfully distributed to travelers across the 5 identified markets. A total of 30 digital screens in 30 retail stores displayed Strain creative to help make this premier an overwhelming success.