The mayans


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A powerpoint of the Maya civilization that I created.

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The mayans

  1. 1. Maya were located inMesoamerica-centralMexico to N. CentralAmerica -Started around 1000 B.C.Picture from by user Urban Sea Star
  2. 2. -Lived in the rain forest they farmed and Hunted -Beans, Squash, Avocados, and Maize -Hunted deer, rabbits, and monkeys -Lived in small villages and traded with othersThis picture is from by user IITA Image Library.
  3. 3.  From AD 250-900 -40 Large cities with own governments and kings Cities were linked through trade -Lowlands grew crops and traded cotton and cacao -Highlands traded jade and obsidian obsidian picture from from user elevenamx Cacao picture from from user Christine4nier
  4. 4.  Maya cities in Classic Age -Large stone temples and pyramids -Built large palaces -Plaza’s for gathering and meetings around main temple
  5. 5. -Stone ball court-ball through ring no hands or feetcould be used -winners received jewels and clothing - losers were killedPicture from from user exfordy
  6. 6. 2 main forces drove Maya culture- social structureand religion2 classes in Maya society-were not divided equallyUpper class had the King, priests, merchants, andwarriors
  7. 7.  The main gathering place for Maya society was around the largest temple, where priests would perform religious ceremonies. This picture is of El Castillo at Chichen Itza. This picture from from user f-l-e-x.
  8. 8.  Maya King-had religious and political authority -related to the gods Priests, merchants, and warriors -rest of the power with the king -priests led all religious ceremonies
  9. 9.  The Kings House at Tulum.
  10. 10.  Lower class- most of the Maya -Completed all of the labor and provided food -women cared for children, cooked, and made clothes -men would farm, hunt, and make tools -Lower class had to pay for upper class -food, clothing, salt -build buildings -serve in Army
  11. 11.  Religion of the Maya -worshipped many gods -all for different purposes -Gods could help or hurt you -give blood to Gods (everyone did this)
  12. 12.  Achievements of the Maya -Accurate calendars -365 day calendar for farming -260 day calendar for religious events -Great at Math -Used the number 0 -Writing system to record history -Art work with jade and gold
  13. 13.  This is the Maya observatory at Tulum, where the priests study the night sky and made calendars.
  14. 14.  Collapse around 900 AD -Maya left their cities 4 reasons why they may have left -To much work for the lower class -rebel against the king -Warfare between cities -killed to many people -could not produce enough crops -weakened the soil -climate change -droughts (not enough rain)
  15. 15.  There are people of Maya descendancy alive today in Mexico and the northern part of Central America. This picture from from user mystuart.
  16. 16.  All information comes from:  Salter, Christopher. The Americas. Austin, Texas: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2009. Print  All pictures are cited from and the ones not cited were from when I visited a Maya ruin.