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Mayan Slideshow

  1. 1. Mayan CivilizationCreated by: Isabel M. Ruby S. and Asma R. ~Period 2~
  2. 2. Geography The Mayan civilization was located in the Yucatan Peninsula, in the eastern part of Mesoamerica. This area included Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize. Highlands- located in the south,consisted of volcanic mountains, source for metals and rocks Lowlands- located in the north, rain forests, savannas, and swamps, land was mostly used for growing crops Extreme temperature changes.A.R.
  3. 3. Social StructureA.R.
  4. 4. Agriculture and Trade~ In order for the seperate cities to stayconnected, they were linked through tradeand alliances.~ Agriculture played an important role in the success of theircivilization.~ They used a slash and burn tecnique where the farmers would burnall their crops and replant for the next harvest.R.S.
  5. 5. Growth and Exchange~ The Mayans grew many crops such ascotton squash and an abundance of corn.They also had luxery items such as plumesfrom a scarlet macow and cocao beans, used for money andchocolate.~ The Mayans traded with many near by countries, which allowed theexposure to different cultures and religions. They traded salt, honey,jade, obsidian (volcanic glass), and textiles.R.S.
  6. 6. Religion believed in many nature gods and believed they had both a benevolent side and a malevolent side. Used human sacrifices to please their gods Currently use chicken blood as replacement for human sacrifice rulers were seen as half human half gods worshiped in stone pyramid-temples believed in the afterlife for their wandering soul to be in the underworld and those who are sacrificed or died inI.M. birth go to heaven
  7. 7. Kinich Ahau~ One of the many important gods that the Mayansbelieved in was Kinich Ahau.~ He was known as the sun god of the Mayans. He was the celestialgod when the sun was in the sky, and the terrestrial god when the sunset.~ He was the patron god of Itzamal and the Mayans believed hevisited every afteroon.~ He was depicted as both a jaguar and a warrior and wears a symbolof Kin, which means a Mayan day.R.S.
  8. 8. Calendar Creators of calendars had sections of lucky and unlucky days to better organize times for harvesting Count days by fives rather than consecutively Solar calendar consisted of 365 days and a religious calendar of 260 daysI.M.
  9. 9. WritiNg Syst3m Wrote in hieroglyphics, used pictures as symbols most Mayan texts can be read, but there are still some undeciphered glyphs. Modern scholars agreed that there are only three writing systems in the ancient world and the Mayan glyphs were one of them. The system has a resemblance to the Egyptian writing, with a combination of similar symbols for different ideas or words.I.M
  10. 10. Math Used dots and lines to represent numbers{Horizontal line representing 5, a dot representing 1, and a shell representing zero.} Used number system to calculate their solar calendar and trade Advanced with astronomy. Mayans had the closest prediction of 548 days orbiting Venus while the actual calculations were 583.92. I.M
  11. 11. Legend: 13 Crystal Skulls a natural stone that comes from the Earth, therefore we cannot carbon date the crystal. The origin and manufacturing of the skulls remain unknown. According to Mayan Legend, there will come a time when 13 ancient crystal skulls are reunited and affect the Earth and its course of humanity. symbolism could also be death. Some say that it can even make wishes come true. beliefs if not of ownership of one you dont have peace. If everyone owned one that would being the peace upon the worldI.M.
  12. 12. Mayan ArtI.M.
  13. 13. Architecture The Mayans were very advanced in architecture. Their buildings were large but they werent too tall. Most of them were made of limestone since it was very abundant. Their pyramids had temples on top in which priests and rulers were buried. There were steps on either side of the pyramids that were wide and steep. There were murals inside the structures and carvings on the outside. The carvings were called friezes. They also carved stela which were stone statues carved for historical events.A.R.
  14. 14. Decline~ No one really knows what the cause of theMayans decline.~ What they do know is that over populationoccured as well as over use of land. Thereforeless crops grew each year. This period alsoconsisted of warfare of the city states. This disrupted their trade.~ There could have been a possible drout and as a result, there wasmovement to a better location.R.S.
  15. 15. Decline~ In the late 800s, the most Mayans abandoned their cities.~ There were very few cities left, but they managed to servive.~ Eventually though, the Toltecs attacked the MayansR.S.
  16. 16. BibliographyAgriculture, Trade and Decline R.S.1. and Social Structure A.R.1. Inventions/ Legend I.M.1.