What I Eat


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This slideshow is for my account planning class. Speaking of what I eat and the insights behind it.

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What I Eat

  1. 1. Eat My Heart Out The Mind And Digestive System Of Shannon G
  2. 2. So as you can see I’m from San Francisco California. Yes, born and raised. You may ask “Shannon, why didn’t you find a picture that shows a beautiful sunny day in SF?” Because my friends its only hot and sunny for like 30 days out of 365 days. My motto is, if you see sun, you can wear short sleeves but bring a scarf. I’ve become very comfortable with the fog, if I’m in weather hotter than 89 degrees. I go insane.
  3. 3. Now here’s a great example of San Francisco. A hollowed out piece of sourdough bread with clam chowder poured into it. As you saw it can get pretty cold, and sometimes I just want to go and eat a piece of bread with soup in it. Also there’s something about the elevation of our city, which lets us make pretty tasty bread. One of my favorites.
  4. 4. Unlike that lovely little treat, I really felt like the only kid in SF that didn’t like Rice a Roni. I would always watch game shows and one of the prizes would be rice a Roni. Really? If I was going to be on a show, I wouldn’t want my prize to be rice, maybe its just me. But when I got older. The Rice a Roni Express stole my heart maybe it’s the express that got me. It has a microwave on the package how could you go wrong.
  5. 5. Any ways lets carry on.
  6. 6. Since we are on the subject of sea creatures and the Bay. Lets talk about a very fun and sometimes dangerous meal. The crab legs, don’t ask me how our relationship began, but I swear ever since I set eyes on the little guy. I was in love. Its not only a meal but also a sport, being able to crack its shell open and not hurting yourself in the process. I bet my mom gave me crab as a kid to feed me but also to entertain me.
  7. 7. Ok…sorry. Didn’t you ever look at a crab and imagine the little guy just jumping up doing the nutcracker…Just me?
  8. 8. I have a little secret…if you know me it’s not that big of a secret, any ways. I have a huge salt problem. Have you ever thought of putting these two things together.
  9. 9. See, everyone warns me about salt and how I should slow down on it. As much I would love to visit Wonka’s factory this isn’t one of my plans to get there. Hey I can stop eating salt anytime I want. I just don’t want to.
  10. 10. A little side note . There was a character in Willy Wonka, {Charlie and the chocolate factory if you stay to the classics} and her name was Veruca Salt. She ended up falling down the garbage shoot. Wouldn’t you think it would have been a little better if she was the one who turned into a berry. Since salt makes the body collect water. Sorry I really like puns.
  11. 11. What do you call a nut on cocaine? A coconut …ha!
  12. 12. Since we’re on the subject of healthy foods…lets mention some.
  13. 13. To be honest I don’t eat as many fruits as I should. I might eat a fruit or vegetable, Once a month but barely. And the only time I drink orange juice is when he meets up with his friend…….
  14. 14. Where ever my mom is, she’s shaking her head. Hey at least I’m staying local, this vodka is distilled in San Jose. I used to drink this in high school, and it resurfaced in summer 2007. I have many great memories with my friends with this drink. I do believe in the high school days, this was my first drunk night. The tagline for it is “ We put the ohh in vodka” Come on what teenager would refuse . Not that I’m supporting under age drinking.
  15. 15. Remember everyone drink water before going to bed, after enjoying a night with liquor.
  16. 16. But if you didn’t follow the directions of last night. In my option the best hangover food is….Grease.
  17. 17. <ul><li>Yes…you should have a great balanced breakfast. Don’t take me wrong, I love this stuff!! You know how I love that all I need to do is get water some sugar and put it in the microwave….I like it being a little creamy but still clumped together. In a weird way it makes me feel like I’m eating sand. And I’m cool with that. </li></ul>
  18. 18. But just waking up feeling like a sumo wrestler is sitting on your head. And your stomach is growling, you want something greasy.. just try it. A huge plate of cheesy, guacamole, sour cream, refried bean covered chips….mmmmm!!
  19. 19. Speaking of CHEESE!!!!!
  20. 20. I LOVE IT!
  21. 21. So I went to Amsterdam last winter with my friends Jana and Jessica for her twenty first birthday. It was so beautiful, we went to Van Gough museum saw the site’s enjoyed the local customs. So cold!!!...but there was a cheese store around our hotel. The whole store was dedicated to cheese!!!...And I never got to go, I swear I have a great opportunity going to Amsterdam, and I’m complaining about not getting cheese.
  22. 22. Its really all about the culture, which I get a lot of in S.F
  23. 23. I’ve met a lot of people who’ve never tried mediterranean, chinese or middle eastern food. Which at first threw me off, I was exposed to all types of food my whole life. Its sometimes funny to see peoples reactions to what I’m eating.
  24. 24. MMM…..love sushi. Hey more for me
  25. 25. O.K…I’m going to stop sounding like I’m miss multi-cultured. Sometimes all I want is some Jerky and a sandwich.
  26. 26. Or just eat more salty foods… I’m drooling a little.
  27. 27. Now lets go visit a sweet place.
  28. 28. Sweets!
  29. 29. I always had a sweet spot for candy. Leading to dental bills, I remember watching the movie clueless. And the character Dion would always be eating a lollipop, I always thought that made her look so cool. So I would always go out to the store to buy a blow pop lollipop, to look and be as cool as Dion. As for Boston baked beans which are so hard to find now, their just a fun crunchy treat. I like them because they are hard to find, and when my friends see them they always tell me. I guess I’m now associated with them.
  30. 30. I even tattooed food on me. Obviously a there’s back stories to them, but its still funny.
  31. 31. THE WRAP UP
  32. 32. Food is a living ascential, but it can also express who a person is. Like really…I really like cheese and salt. I went to Amsterdam and wanted to go to a cheese store. And one night I was joking with my friends how I should get the chemistry equation for sodium tattooed on me. I have no problem being on the loser akward, what is that girl doing side. I’m weird and like to eat, why not express both. As I quote Chuck Palahniuk: Raise the pitch of your voice, if you raise your laryngeal cartilage it’s that bump in your throat you feel going up as you sing. Have fun with whatever you do, the most successful people are kind of on the random side. Don’t let that laryngeal cartilage get in your way of expressing yourself. Hey people came in my room and found cheetos lying on my floor, you never know they could of been for my next big art project.
  33. 33. P.S…..Happy Halloween