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Special one


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Special one

  1. 5. Whenever I walked back to the dorms after these talks we had, I thought about you and the more I thought about you the more I started liking you each time!!!
  2. 6. BRUUUAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU LOOK WAY TOOOOO ADORABLE IN THE PUNJABI SUIT. NI SOHNIYE MAAR SOOTHIYA When I take you to my pind I want you to wear a punjabi suittt
  3. 7. First time we ever went to this very IHOP you got your uggs dirty by stepping into mud. This was the best. Late night eating and chatting about sometimes deep stuff and other times random shit. Our first kiss we shared was after this at the intersection of Lombard and Van Ness.
  4. 8. After study hangover. Look at how red our eyes are
  5. 10. Who is this model?
  6. 12. Dentist or doctor? I do keep my teeth clean
  7. 13. Akhaan Kad ke Daraoo Ge Ta Nai???
  8. 14. Around you I have the biggest smile!
  9. 17. Study breaks with full on massage….the bestest!!!!
  10. 18. Kya style hai
  11. 19. Building of anticipation…..
  12. 20. Punjabi noses is never an issue since we both have them lol
  13. 21. I don’t understand this one lol
  14. 22. Partners in Crime!
  15. 24. Before going out getting ready. Helping you put on clothes which I would take off at the end of the night was thrilling!
  16. 25. Always stay this way baby! Live life to the fullest. Love you enthusiasm
  17. 26. Remember when I said no to you for a piggy back ride in front of Harney Science building before we went out? Mistake on my part hahaha Now I just want to hold you in my arms babe. Especially tonight!!!!
  18. 27. The freshest couple in the house!!!!
  19. 28. Random night out! Going out with you on random nights make SF amazing!!!
  20. 29. This picture seems like as if we just had our reception lol
  21. 30. Birthday choke!!!! Don’t worry I would have done CPR lol
  22. 31. Again with the finger pose. Classic
  23. 32. First party with you sohniye. But hey life is a party so drink that Pepsi and live it up
  24. 33. Not the best time of the month for you to go out, so that proves I suck at planning. But I always have a fabulous time at our dates
  25. 36. Out of all the games I have seen in my short lifetime, this game on 1/24/11 was a very speacial one!
  26. 38. Copy Cat 
  27. 39. Best Valentines Day ever! Even though it is a regular day you made it very special babe
  28. 40. Late night dessert after a movie!
  29. 41. There better be no thorns on that rose that can hurt you ohhh yeaaa
  30. 42. Six months!!! Time to get sea sick lol
  31. 43. The prettiest medical student in the world! Fitting room adventures!!!! Lak 27 of yours is Miss Universe worthy
  33. 45. MISS YOGA PANTS!!! Fuck shit up as a medical student my beautiful fob! Cutest student of them all yeeeee
  34. 46. This was the day we went for coffee in celebration of you receiving an interview which you killed. Even though you are going to be across that ocean on an island doing big things I will always be just a message or phone call away
  35. 47. Today marks the celebration of the day we went out. This journey that I am on with you is a roller coaster. Seems as if I have known you for many years, but these 9 months have literally flew by like a jet. As they say shared joy is double joy that is exactly how every minute with you is. Even though the clock is winding down as to when you leave I just wanted to remember all the UNFORGETABLE moments we had.
  36. 48. I will love you forever and always have a special space for her in my heart. In 6 days, weeks, years or even 36 years from now, Jagbir Singh will NEVER forget and will still have the same feelings no doubt. I will not change. I just want to hear you say “I hate it when you are right.” If we do end up going different paths, I pray we intersect and collide all the cherished memories we have of us! I will always be there for you when you need a shoulder I MISS YOU JAAN!