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poem I created in my spare time

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My poetry e book

  1. 1. 7/27/2013 JEMIMARIVAS@HOTMAIL.COM MY POETRY E-BOOK Smiles poetry | Jemima Rivas
  2. 2. My Little Sister Says: My eyes feel sleepy My eyes feel sleepy I'm I really writing this Hee he! My sister is bothering me (that’s me) Stop it girl! Contemplation upon Advice (taken to the extreme) Good gosh she must proclaim Yawns I am sleepy Yawns Snores... Hummm Her best friend tossed her his heart And she broke up with him A strange unbelievable stress A brick wall she built, I take My eyes feel sleepy I can’t figure out the answer Why my eyes are so heavy Where she also faltered still Good gosh I must say she made a big mistake Memories of her papa When I was but a kid: “Keep your virtues child His lessons she kept dearest to her heart His hope she defused, she did refuse I think I will go out to see And cherish them with all your will” That I spoke not of before Knock A knock on the door Who could it be? Coming this hour to visit me Knock! Knock! There was this fellow who claimed she interested him Even though they were decades apart: I must say that his woos, she did ignore “Careful who you let handle your heart” This guy sat near her in the taxi In church she met this lad He bounced he winked and smiled He was the cutest heavenly thing She caught a panic attack Once he said he liked her And started trembling fearfully She became the knottiest thing At that very instant she was done with him There are many instances
  3. 3. Reflecting Once we believe Was her papa wrong when he told her, I wasn’t always like this Shield her heart? I was just like you I pity my friends Will she never be able to laugh and smile and I had heart aches and pains and worries to. Who have known me so.. With memories of me from long ago Toss her curls? Would she ever be like those other girls? I carried stress I was so depressed Is she a pole? It didn’t take long Or is she as useless as rare old stone? Before it all turned around I had my troubles I have my fears But I shall not shed anymore tears Good gosh I am sure it couldn’t be For she says; It takes courage I know “My knight would soon come rescue me.” You must believe so True courage they became history True courage I earned my victory Believing enhances Great experiences Great miracles are there to achieve I had a victory Then a miracle Then troubles end This I would gladly lone a friend Your hopes cannot die Tis no lie
  4. 4. Seeking death is for cowards The Wretch Or strangers from nowards The first time they met She knew not who he be Your belief makes dreams real As his lyrics he sang beautifully Your world would open up Just believe He promised to give her what she wanted Believe in your dreams But her life he viciously torn and haunted Had she had known who he had been She would not have ever let him in For he trashed her and bruised her And spread her name And open her eyes to this shameless fame She was a damsel Quite immature mama said I feel her pain It’s so insane Oh what ah flawless beauty!
  5. 5. When He Ask You the Question The Weird Question The Nightmare When he asks you the question; There was this question I couldn’t answer Last night I had a nightmare Do you love me? It was totally weird I crept under my comforters You might say yes I am sure I found it on a crimpled paper For the night was cold Or you might say no In a library book I taught I’d read later I was scared and home alone But the lucky guess Was it in Finnish or French or Spanish or Dutch? You know is yes I heard echoes of laughter from under the bed Monsters came I am sure cause they said Tonight you are dead They laughed out loudly and echoed my name And spat fire of burning flame I screamed and shouted let me be But they grinned and chanted continuously Cause next thing waiting there Is somebody who don’t care Oh! you better say yes now Oh! You better not say no Had it have been I would have known the answer Was it scribbled or typed written or had it meant much Had it have been I would have known the answer It just said: “?”
  6. 6. This is why Hidden Intentions Good Morning This is why I am this way You looked at me Good morning the sun is peeping You look at me and say I had no idea who you be Waiting to welcome the new day What a shame look how he has sank To me you be what you looked It hurts this is why I cry My heart you taught you took Good morning, good morning the trees are swaying I remember you well scoffing at my pain I was wrong; tis my song The morning is fresh, oh beautiful morning; This is why Every time I think Waiting to welcome a new day I will stamp on my past I am glad I did not sink. Now that the day has broken Step on my edge Jemima Rivas What a beautiful open Lift up my wings and fly away It has pushed away the blackness of night I can be Only that we might Whatever I want to be Fate This is why I am scared of my fate I will be me Going at this fast paste Live to my fullest potentiality. Not knowing what to expect Jemima Rivas So much tragic incidents I met Oh my fate my fate I have to hold faith for my fate Oh my fate my fate Enjoy a beautiful day
  7. 7. Ant Fireworks For she was crying bitterly Oh beautiful ant; In the gloominess of night Then she did the scariest thing How precious art thee? Hearts shivered continuously She snatched me and emptied her trouble You make me look in wonder enviously Like magnets they pulled together quickly As you look viciously In a car park filled of cars I guess all who likes fireworks should decline Your clippers drag the ground as you take the lead Where drizzled waters had left remnants For all they leave is rubbish behind Plastered across the shining windscreens Then you grasp at a very huge cricket indeed One was the lighter Oh what marvellous faith The other was the bum Then others come to help suddenly Then together they made a colourful night Oh what marvellous unity By creating fireworks I have lost track now you are all the same They made such strange noises Alert me next time you drag a cricket to your nest again That attracted nearby passerby’s.... South I went south To my father’s house With scary boots and airy trousers the trees didn’t need to learn fashion I am sad to say the bush wasn’t my passion But fireworks never last forever it’s a sadly costly joy.... Oh why did I visit the country land? For another day I saw her on the spot I saw green pastures and gigantic trees Didn’t realise at first I was thinking a lot I planted seeds, father plough the land “Hi doll sup” And I helped him dig bags of yam I trembled when I saw her stare up at me Then I met with the banana man I went south
  8. 8. I went south Snacks I Have More to Live For And I felt ill Buy Grains for Me The car scattered I felt dizzy and released my fill Cause You Owe Me Money They all looked battered. I fainted I Not Buying Any Grains But on me Sis said I felt face front on the floor I Will Give You Back Your Money The only thing I got bitten by monster ants Cause I Only Buying Grains Grains That was truly battered A size I have never seen before What Happen Was my fate Oh why did I visit the country land? Your Name Is Grainsy While I sat there Papa is funny and cute too But You Always Buying RAISAN BRAN At heavens gates He can show you things you never new It is my money I realised I had more to live for But Where I live is fun But I don’t call you Bransy As he said authoritatively For there are people around What are you doing? And even the ants and mosquitoes are friendly Slow down or you will get killed There are airplanes and so much more Tell me what I went south for? And I realized I have lost control I know now that I have more to live for And I know I have lost my car But I have more to live for If he hadn’t took the steering
  9. 9. I would have been gone Forgive me oh lord I know now that I have more to live for A prayer I am a terrible person Although I hadn’t died I am so sorry Lord I engage in bad taught I have wounded my pride I have sinned against thee Murmuring and complaining But I have more to live for I am no good Help me to trust you oh God I’ve met God Lord I feel worthless Make me again at peace Forgive me oh lord With myself And restore unto me the Your wrath is too much lord The joy of my salvation Who can bare it? Bless the works of my hands Forgive me oh God and That I may begin again to prosper Make me to shine forth For I am lost oh lord Before mine enemies I am nothing without you I pray thee Make a change in me Oh lord Make me to stand as one Please lord, restore me and That believes thee Bless me with your love Oh God have mercy on me. Come again and be a friend Lord makes me more like thee And grant the desires of my heart And help me to keep thy word
  10. 10. So I wouldn’t be named Happy Times Among the fools that t believe thee not You have got my face Oh God how I long to be perfectly thine Got my nose got my body, curves Amen And curls And still you adored for the cuter one It’s unfair but I don’t care Sister Sister Dance’s poses and the rhyming My head in a book You give me that look Yet you are always the one to ace that science test Once I know we are having fun When we are going out you already picked out my clothes Popcorn to the movies Brushed my hair rearranged my curls Sister Sister at the schoolies And everywhere I go people call out our names The call us double, call us twin All the games they say you win I owe you big for this exciting fame Am just glad to tag along Same eyes, same clothes, same look, same pose Once I know we are having fun Pairing off playing love You do the talking Doing switching tricks on stupid boys I will do the smiling Arm in arm we leave the school After school when we are liming Those school days were really cool I don’t have to think I am always time out While you plan our whereabouts