Want to make $8 k a month an autopilot


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Want to make $8 k a month an autopilot

  1. 1. Want To Make $8K A Month An Autopilot By now you've had a chance to read about IM Revolution... and how you can use it t make $ 8,000 per month in extra income. If you haven't read it, click here now: http://tidyurl.com/EMPIRE Right now, you should really only have two questions about this: "Is making online for real?" "If this is for real, why would Matt share it with me?" First, this is a real business. I'm making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month doing this. And the people who have gotten on board with IM Revolution and then partnered with me are making
  2. 2. very REAL money too. People like Andrea Goodsaid, who said... "My name is Andrea Goodsaid, I am a stay-at-home mom of three and I live in Gainesville, Florida. I recently became a licensee for Matt's program, and I wanted to share with you my results. In last 45 days or so I have made $15,396.40 in commissions for myself and probably one of the most surprising parts for me of this whole process was the upsell effectiveness. Matt and his team are doing an excellent job of closing sales on the backend and the good news is that everybody is happy with their purchases and the content itself is helping people to move forward with their online marketing. So I highly recommend it. This is going to be a breakthrough year for me because of this program. Basically, I am on track to make more than $100,000.00 this year! I am pretty excited about it."
  3. 3. - Andrea Goodsaid, Gainesville, FL Not too bad for her first few weeks, huh? Read more success stories here: www.MyOnlineBusinessEmpire.com/imrevolution/letterdm.ht ml Second, my real motive for revealing this information is that I'm looking for partners to join me in my business. For each front-end sale you generate, you get a 90% commission. You will also make up to $1,200 on each backend sale MY online funnels and phone sales team makes to your leads FOR YOU. The scale is definitely weighed in your favor, but I make a small
  4. 4. percentage up front and those buyers will probably buy from me again and again. My goal is to get enough partners to grow my business to $20 million a year. Find out how to partner with me and get 90% commissions here: www.MyOnlineBusinessEmpire.com/imrevolution/letterdm.html Take Action!