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Researching the market place


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Researching the market place

  2. 2. Alternative press AP Media Kit This is an American magazine published monthly with between 198 to 220 pages. Sold for £5.50 Alternative Press has a number of articles that appear in every issue, these are known as it's regular content. These articles are: - The AP Poll - In the Studio - AP&R (unsigned bands of the month) - Chalkboard Confessional", "Musician of the Month - My Favourite Gear - Next Exit - Gig Bag - 1000 Words - Beauty and the Band - 10 Essential The magazine also includes feature content, this is articles that are individual to each issue, they are one off occurrences and do not repeat in each months issue. ¬ An example of this would be in issue #305 there is an article called "HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE" Link to the magazine website: Link to the publisher's (Alternative Press Magazine, Inc.) website:
  3. 3. NME - New Musical Express NME Media Kit NME is a UK pop and rock magazine, which is published weekly. This is the world's longest running music magazine and it avaerages around 66 pages per issue. It is sold at a price of £2.10 per issue. New Musical Express has it's regular content, this includes categories of the contents being split into: - News - Radar - Reviews - Live! Also included in every issue is "THE UK's No1 GIG GUIDE" Then there is the section in every magazine which incudes each Weeks individual articles, this is labelled: "FEATURES" Link to the magazine website: Link to the publisher's (IPC Media) website:
  4. 4. Q Magazine Q Magazine Media Kit Q Magazine is publuished monthly in the UK and averages 180 pages per issue. It is sold for £3.90 It categorises it's contents page into "Feature" and "Regular" content for us. This regular content being: - Q-MAIL - Q50 - the months best songs - Subscriptions - Crosswords - Ten Commandments - Review  Link to magazine website: Link to the publisher's (Bauer Media Group) website:
  5. 5. Kerrang! Kerrang! Media Kit Kerrang! is a UK based magazine that averages 65 pages per issue and is published weekly. It is sold for £4.99. Kerrang! has several regular content categories on it's contents page, these being: - Feedback - News - Win - Live Reviews - Album Reviews - Gig Guide - The K! Quiz It also includes a "FEATURES" section on every contents page which lists the articles in that issue. Link to magazine website: Link to publisher's (Bauer Media Group) website:
  6. 6. Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Media Kit Rolling Stone is an American rock magazine that averages around 80/90 pages per issue and is published bi-weekly. It is sold for £4.99 It has, as all magazines do, their regular content: - Letters - Rock and Roll - Reviews - Charts - Q&A It also has feature content, examples of these being: - "Eminem's Road Back From Hell" - "Phil Collins' Last Stand" Link to the magazines website: Link to the publisher's (Jann Wenner) website:
  7. 7. Classic Rock Classic Rock Media Kit It is a British music magazine that focus' on, as the title suggests, classic rock music. It is published monthly and averages 150 pages per issue. It is sold for £4.99 Link to the magazine website: Link to the publisher's (TeamRock) website: It has a number of regular content articles, these being: It also has feature articles in each issue, in issue 81: - Communication Breakdown - The Dirt - The Stories Behind The Song - Access All Areas - Bad Wisdom - The Hard Stuff - Buyer's Guide - Radar - The Final Countdown - Motley Crue - Money,. Money, Money - Jess Beck - Audioslave - Accept - System of a Down - Rory Galagher - Nine Inch Nails - The Raspberries
  8. 8. Hit Parader Hit Parader Media Kit An American magazine that focused on hard rock and heavy metal music from 1942 - 1991. It was a monthly publication and averaged at about 80 pages per issue. I was sold at the price of $1.95 Link to magazine website: Regular content, content that appeared in every issue, that the magazine included was: The magazine often include bands and artists such as the following, feature content: - Song lyrics - Album reviews - Interviews - Fan mail - Trivia on popular rock acts - Reader polls. - Led Zeppelin - The Rolling Stones - Elton John - David Bowie - Blue Öyster Cult - The Kinks - Three Dog Night - The Who
  9. 9. Magnet Magazine Magnet Magazine Media Kit It is an American magazine that is about alternative music. It is published monthly. Regular content for magnet magazine includes things such as: - Up-and-coming indie bands - Expositions of various music scenes - Artists within a construct Feature content is then articles within these categories, such as: - TX psychedelic rock scene - The New York City "Illbient" scene - The history of power pop - The Cleveland avant-punk scene of the 1970s - The Minneapolis college-rock scene of the 80's - The California "Paisley Underground" bands - The resurgence of the Shoegaze movement Link to magazine website: Link to the publishers website:
  10. 10. Rock Sound A British rock magazine that is published monthly, with an average of 120 pages per issue. Regular content includes articles such as: - Round up - Corey Taylor's column - Music with attitude - Studio reports - Smash and Grab - Gig guide Some examples of the feature content Rock Sound includes are: - Out there: Towers of London - Bands in vans: 65 days of static - Judas Priest - Sound advice: Tokya Dragons Link to magazine website: Publishers: Freeway Press Inc