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How to increase views on you tube


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How To Increase Views On YouTube

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How to increase views on you tube

  1. 1. Presented by Lloyd Dobson Treasure Island, Florida
  2. 2.  Another Affiliate Of Mine Has Been Able To Build An Email List Of Over 18,000 In Last 10 Months. He Is Getting Close to 4,000 Views Per Day On His YouTube Channel. And Building An Email List Of 100+ People Per Day All From YouTube Traffic.
  3. 3.  Optimize Your Title. Optimize Your Description. Optimize Your Tags. Run The Competition. And Do Joint Ventures.
  4. 4.  Make Sure Your Video Title When Uploaded Is Optimized. Basically You Need To Make Sure To Add The Right Keywords In Your Title. These Are The Kind Of Words People Will Be Looking For When They Search On YouTube Or On Google. The Easy Way To Do That Is To Think For Yourself What Would You Be Searching For When You Are Looking.
  5. 5.  And Than The Topic . . . .
  6. 6.  Make Sure The Description Area Is Optimized As Well. What Do I Mean By This? First Make Sure Your Website Address Is Placed On The First Line Of Your Description. And Not Only Your Web Address, Make Sure It Begins With http:// And Than The Website Name (e.g. )
  7. 7.  Now Someone Can Get To Your Website Or Blog. I Have Noticed Many YouTube Videos That Do Not Have a Clickable Link In Their Description And They Have a Lot Of Views.
  8. 8.  You Obviously Want Your Viewers To Get To Your Website. Also In Your Description, Almost Write It Like A Blog Post. Don’t Be Afraid To Write a Lot Of Content Inside The Description Area.
  9. 9.  Will Look At Different Keywords You Are Using To See If Your Video Is Really Relevant To The Searches That Are Made On YouTube And Google. So . . . Write A Little Story About Your Video.
  10. 10.  Again Your Website Link First And Than A Great Description As Well.
  11. 11.  Make Sure Your Tags Are Optimized As Well. These Are Your Keywords That You Need To Enter In The Tag Area Again Make Sure They Are Optimized The Keywords People Are Searching For On YouTube and Google.
  12. 12.  The Keywords Relevant To Your Video, Go To The Search Bar Section Box And Type In One Word That Relates To Your Video. You Will Than See A Whole Bunch Of Suggestions That YouTube Will Give You. This Is A Real Easy Way To Find Keywords Or Phrases On YouTube.
  13. 13.  Here Is An Example . . .
  14. 14.  Is To Run Competitions. One Of The People On YouTube Who Runs This Strategy Is A Person With a Channel Called mismag822 Ans He Runs Competitions All The Time In The Magic Industry. He Currently As Of This Recording a Following Of 3,051,901. So As You Can See He Is Doing Extremely Well.
  15. 15.  Is To Do Joint Ventures. Look At YouTube As A Huge Joint Venture Machine. Here Is Where You Can Find Other People In Your Niche Who Already Have a Big List Of Friends, Subscribers Or An Email List. Do Something With Them.
  16. 16.  Ask Them For An Interview And Upload It To Your Channel. They Will Also Get Exposure From Your Efforts. Now Go Into The Relationships Always With What You Can GIVE And NOT What You Can GET.
  17. 17.  Optimize Your Title. Optimize Your Description Optimize Your Tags. Run The Competition. Do Joint Ventures.
  18. 18. This Is Just One Of Hundreds Of Strategies I Teach At The Following