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Media evaluation first draft


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Media evaluation first draft

  1. 1. EvaluationThere are many forms and conventions used within my main website, however some have beenchallenged and developed throughout. After researching other websites, I started to design my ownlayout for my website. I have used the conventional layout of the row at the top and columnsunderneath; however, I have challenged the usual convention of three columns under the top rowby changing it to four, but, one of the columns is for advertisements. This is another way I havechallenged conventions of a website as I felt it was important to have advertisements on mywebsite. Having the advertising space means that I would gain money from the advertising companyto use that space, therefore, this could pay for the web hosting and domain, and any leftover moneycould go to charity. The advertisements on my website are related to the theme of my website, sotherefore are also appropriate. I have also followed the convention of having my logo in the top lefthand corner of the page as I feel it has the best effect on the page. However, I have kept the logoblack and white because I feel it has the best look and does not distract the viewer too much but it ismemorable. Not only this but I have found a font from the internet to create he lettering on my logocalled Jellyka Saint-Andrews Queen as I felt it was unusual and not a font that people have seenbefore on a website. I also used this as the font for my title, which also challenges the usualconventions of a website as they are more often than not plain fonts, but I felt it looked moreconsistent with the logo to have the same font.Not only does my website follow and challenge conventions of a real website with the layout, logoand title text, it also has other aspects as well. Like most websites my website also has links to eachpage on one page and links around the page. This is because it shows conventions of a real websiteand also makes it a lot easier to find your way around the website and go the exact page you need togo to. Although most websites have a colour scheme that usually matches their logo to keep theconsistency between the pages, my logo is black and white so I thought it would be interesting tohave each page as a colour scheme rather than the whole website having one. I have kept thebackground white as most websites do as it makes the pages and text clearer, but I have used pastelcolours on each page for text box background and also the navigation bar. I have also used imageryon each page as I feel this is a website that needs to have visual aid to make people want to behealthy, therefore I have used pictures on each page that fit the colour schemes to make the overalllook more interesting and challenge the usual conventions, making it unique. I have also added pollsonto a couple of the pages to make the website more interactive with the audience as I feel a lot ofwebsites don’t and people like to get involved and have a say. I have made the polls the same colouras the navigation bar on that page so that there is continuity throughout. I think that the overall lookof the website is unique and different which makes it more appealing to people.If I were to get my website distributed, I would have to go through a web hosting company and alsoget a domain so that it is accessible via the internet. I would pick a web hosting company that giveyou a choice of prices for using their space. This is because it would be unnecessary for me to pay alot of money as I would be needing to donate money to a charity with the money I get fromdonations and advertising; therefore, I would need a cheaper option that would allow my website tohave all the functions on it available, which a free one wouldn’t. I would also need a cheaper optionas my domain name would also have a charge from the web host, as they usually give you a domainname that is suitable and as the two together would usually have monthly fee, I would pick a
  2. 2. cheaper option so that it would be beneficial for my website and I would still definitely have moneyleft over to donate to a charity.The target audience for my website would be mainly women from their mid twenties onwards, but itcan be used by men as well. The colours are quite girly, light colours but because they are pastelcolours and, there are colours that are stereotypically seen as male colours, for example blues andgreens, making it targeted toward some male audiences as well. I have also used advertisements oneach page, one for weight watchers and there is another for Muller Rice as they are both healthythings, both of these can relate to any age group from my target audience, making the whole ideamore appealing to the audience. Not only this, but I have used images that are colour coordinatedon each page so that they are much more visually pleasing, this will also appeal to my targetaudience as it is not food that anyone younger would go to the supermarket and take notice ofwhereas people around my target audience would. I also thought that it is the sort of food thatmum’s will pick up for the children’s lunches, which was where I got the idea to talk about howmum’s or dad’s could get their children or school involved in the campaign or even to help them out.Not only this, the idea of the images are so that the viewers themselves find them attractive andwant to read the recipes, and start following the campaign. I have also used recipe of Jamie Oliver’son the website as I think his food appeals to many people around my target audience age. Not onlyis his food healthy and tasty, he also has a variety of time based meals, which is perfect for workingparents or busy family’s. There are his thirty minute meals and for the busier people and on hiswebsite there are lovely home cooked meals for people with more time on their hands. This is ahuge role in attracting my target audience as people like to know the recipes they see are from achef they like, and therefore will enjoy making it. To go with the recipe, I also have a video that takesyou through it step by step, making it even easier for any age group in my target audience to createthis recipe, as it gives them visual aid to help them understand the method.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?Looking back at your preliminary website, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression fromit to the full product?