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  1. 1. shammone
  2. 2. I created a website for both a homepage of aschool and for a mental health website afterbeing interested in learning about the processesof creating a website. I created EHS – EatonHigh School as a fully functioning webpage withlinks to other areas of the website including themedia department.
  3. 3. Mental health homepage:-
  4. 4. I created a whole school brand with bold coloursand a logo. For my main task website, I created awebsite for a mental health site, where peoplewould come to gain information, donate moneyand get help. There are working links to otherwebsites to better reader’s insight too. I createda strong brand identity which runs throughoutthe website.
  5. 5. I decided to use a blog to track the progress,changes and developments within both of mywebsites. I decided to use a blog because of itssimple ease to quickly and straightforwardlyupdate my blog electronically, something that isessential to my tasks, since they are electronic; itmade the most sense for me to use a blog.
  6. 6. My media production is a fully functioningwebsite which runs the same layout, conventionsand purposes as many professionally madewebsite. From my research I found that differentwebsite had different layouts depending on theirpurposes, my style models that I research aboutwere all designed for their specific audiences andpurposes.
  7. 7. This is one of my style models:-
  8. 8. Therefore it showed me that I had to gear mywebsite towards a specific audience and createit with a specific purpose rather than whatever Iwanted, since without these specificconventions such as links, homepage, imagesetc., my website would not be fully functioning.
  9. 9. I used my style model to base my website on butwith my own unique twist to make my websiteindividual to me.
  10. 10. My website challenges the normal conventionsof a website I have no gender specific features inmy website, such as colour or images. My videouses a female actor, only due to restrictions inmy production.
  11. 11. Over 90% of all websites are run by companieswho either have created the websitesthemselves or commissioned others to createthem. For this reason since my website is anindependently run and funded website, thischallenges the typical conventions of a website.Funding would be gain through the charitysupporting my website.
  12. 12. I believe that my main website aims at are foryounger adults and teenagers. I tried to makethe website versatile for everyone within mytarget audience, with an attractive and userfriendly interface, however I began to findthat what was attractive and appropriate forone social group, was not for another.
  13. 13. This meant I had to choose my social groups to aim my website at, rather than having just a broad range of social groups. I used an attractive teenage female actress in my welcome video, because I thought thisrelated to the social groups and age range I was trying to aim my website at.
  14. 14. She was female, because I thought that afterlooking at my style models and their videos,which used predominantly female actresses, Iwanted to conform to this stereotype. Anattractive female, would attract a male audienceand give the female audience someone toidentify with.
  15. 15. The video its self gives the audience much moreunderstanding of the website and the aim ofMental Health Online in a short comprehensiveclip that lasts about 1 minute, it helpsstrengthen my website by making a quick placefor people to go when they first visit my websiteto understand the purpose of the website.
  16. 16. The images that I decided to create, alsocomplimented the purpose and the theme ofthe website, due to restraints though, I couldonly use females for my images, and I wouldhave liked to use males as well, since I didn’twant this website to be more female orientated,but it still think it helped the general idea ofthose I wanted to aim my website at, since theyof similar age to my actress in my film.
  17. 17. My website not only has aprimary audience, but also asecondary audience in the formof parents and carers of theteenagers/young adult andhealth care professionals, sincethey may want to gain moreinformation on how to help theirson or daughter, and to helpothers.
  18. 18. Furthermore there may beanother secondaryaudience in the form ofthose who want to help,support and give moneyto charities supportingmental health, which canbe accessed through thelinks of my main website.
  19. 19. For my preliminary task, the social groups mywebsite is aimed for, are of middle and workingclass backgrounds, of a typical mixed Britishbackground and of a mixed age. All social groupsare viewed in a positive light and no social groupis represented more than another. This is typicalof many websites that either have a welcomingtext and/or video, so the purpose of the websiteis explained.
  20. 20. The social groups represented in my mainwebsite are adults and teenagers with need forinformation and help with regards to mentalhealth issues.
  21. 21. There is a universal feel to the website and haslinks to website in the UK and worldwide andhave other links to wider branches into theworld that can help everyone. Ethnicity, gender,age nor occupation etc. affects my website andno matter whom the person is visiting thewebsite, the website should appeal to them.
  22. 22. Despite this however, because of differentvalues and morals, my website is aimed atwesterners, but who ever is looking at mywebsite as long as they had western views, mywebsite would be able to help them.
  23. 23. The media institutions that would distribute mywebsite would be completely different to that ofa film or text based media. Despite the fact Idon’t need distribution as such, advertising andhosting from other website would mean I canbroadcast my content to a wider and largeramount of people within my aimed socialgroups.
  24. 24. I could use devices such as Google ads, which arethen added to other company’s website and createmore traffic to your website. Although I would ownthe website, another more wealthy party may buymy website such as those who run Mind.com andwho have experience in mental health issues.
  25. 25. There are no age restrictions, however contentis sensitive, so in the future as more topics areadded, the themes may need to be segregatedinto age appropriate sections similar toMind.com, who has different sectionsdepending on age, and therefore can alter thecomplexity of language used and depth into thetopic.
  26. 26. I attracted my audience in my preliminaryactivity by using colours that were appropriateto my intended social groups. I used an easy andsimple layout with attractive colours which hadconnotations of grandeur and royalty to showthe outstanding academic achievements andpossibilities the school is and could achieve.
  27. 27. I addressed the audience by using welcominglanguage on the homepage ad using directaddress. In my main task however, I used moreuniversal colours that would attract readers butwere still sensitive to the issues of mental healthbut without being boring or unattractive. Oncemore I used the direct address as I included inmy preliminary, showing the informal colloquialstyle of the website in general.
  28. 28. In both my preliminary task and main task, I havegained a massive new skill and understanding inhow to used Adobe Dreamweaver and Firefox. Itaught myself how to create a whole website fromscratch including how to create links, layouts andembed and YouTube video into my main taskwebsite. I now have a greater grasp of knowledgeinto the creation of websites and can now go on thecreate better more professional looking websites.
  29. 29. I now know what codes to use for specificthings such as changing the colour, size and fontof writing and how to create an engaging andcolourful website. Overall this means that I havebeen able to create a main task that is neither aswooden-looking nor unprofessional as mypreliminary task.
  30. 30. Adding my video to my website posed a massiveproblem, but by using html that I have learnt Iwas able to upload my video to YouTube andthen add it to my website where it is fullyfunctioning and anyone can watch it.
  31. 31. I made sure I had a script for my actress to readoff and specific camera angles that I wanted touse within my video.
  32. 32. For example, this was a rough guide the what angles I wanted to use:-Midshot Close up
  33. 33. Looking back over both my preliminary task andmain task, I believe I have learnt a lot about theconventions of websites from planning thelayout, audience and colours to the actualcreation of the websites.
  34. 34. Not only have I learnt more about thetechnologies that create the websites andenable me to create a colourful dynamic page,but also the planning that goes around thewebsites that has to be in such depth in orderfor the website to be executed perfectly.
  35. 35. My preliminary task was thefirst ever website I have created,so there are obvious hugedifferences into my abilities ofmaking my preliminary andmain task. There are morecomplex codes to write such ashow to embed images andvideos, something I tried on mypreliminary and then homed inmy skills to my main task.
  36. 36. My main learning achievement is to nowactually understand how in-depth planning hasto be before a website is crated, since in mypreliminary task I did not do as much researchor planning as I did with my main task.
  37. 37. Every tiny detail needs to be planned andchecked, even down to making sure that imagesand music are copyright free and knowing whatfont you’re going to use for a specific part of thewebsite. Without the planning a website wouldcollapse and not be up to standards.
  38. 38. Overall, I believe I have learnt so much fromcreating a website media product; I gotincorporate the use of a dynamic website withattractive images that relate to the website, anda video that also strengthens the understandingand uses of the website.