Webpage Analysis - Water Aid


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Webpage Analysis - Water Aid

  1. 1. Website Analysis –Water Aid
  2. 2. I have analysed Oxfam’s website in which they have created a webpage about the OxfamWater Week. Within this webpage they have created many links to various other pageswhere you can find out a lot more about the Water Week and how you can get involved.These links are madevery clear at the top of the page making them easilyaccessible.Making my links at the top of the page is what I would like to do whencreating my website with my group.The images that they have used are very child based and child friendly making it veryclear to the target audience of parents and teachers that this campaign is purely aboutchildren in need of our help. They have also included simple clip art images, relating tothe theme of the campaign which also helps to convey the message of the campaign.These images have been used at the bottom of the page to make it much clearer for thereader what they mean.Using images relating to the target audience is very important inorder to keep my audience interested, this is something I should ensure when addingimages into my website.As the target audience is predominantly at teachers they have included various accessto resources that the teachers can get hold of in order to educate them a bit more on thistop in order for them teach children in school about water week and that even theirinput can help make a difference.It is important to ensure that any resources I haveincluded, they are aimed at my target audience and it is helpful for my audience to haveresources to help them.The colours have been kept consistent throughout the webpage, using blue and whitewhich associate with the image of water.I definitely would like to keep coloursconsistent throughout the website in order to not make anything look messy as a fewcolours relating to your topic looks much more professional.Under the bold title they have included a slogan ‘Learn, Think. Act.’ In which they haveused a ‘Rule of 3’ a language technique which will help the reader understand theconcept of the campaign and how they can help by following these three simple steps.Ithink a slogan is very important for the readers and for the campaign, but the sloganwithin this website isn’t made to stand out and I would try to make sure my sloganstands out much more.They have included a link to social networking site in which anyone can join the groupthat Oxfam have made for this topic, which they can keep track of what is going onwithin the campaign and it helps to promote the campaign and raise awareness.I thinkit is good to have links to social networking sites as it helps the audience keep track ofany new updates within the campaign.They have a listing at the bottom of more links within the website and they haveemphasised on the fact that people should ‘Register.’ I wouldn’t use the listing at thebottom of the page as I don’t feel many people will take any notice and I wouldn’t makeregistering an account that bold as it isn’t the point of the campaign even though it isquite important.