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January 2016 Medical Coding Q&A Webinar


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The January 2016 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar from Certification Coaching Org (CCO),, discussed a variety of topics of interest to outpatient and inpatient medical coders. Topics included Coding Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Diagnosis Coding of CVA or TIA with No Late Effect (residual or deficit), CMS Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool, Diagnosis Coding for Airbags in Transport Accident, Cardiovascular System & Appendix L, HIV ICD-10-CM Codes, and CPT Coding of Lacerations.
Certification Coaching Org’s VIP program and the CCO Replay Club was also discussed. Attendees’ questions on various coding topics were answered. Educational topics and panel discussion were presented by Chandra Stephenson, CPC, CIC, COC, CPB, CPCO, CPMA, CPC-I, CCS, CANPC, CEMC, CFPC, CIMC, CGSC, COSC, CRC; Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, CRC; and Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-I, COC, CMSCS, CHCI, CPPM. The host for the webinar was Boyd Staszewski.

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January 2016 Medical Coding Q&A Webinar

  1. 1. Certification Coaching Q & A Webinar January 2016
  2. 2. This Month’s Q & A Webinar Agenda: 90-120 min II: Q&A from our Instructors ● Alicia: Coding Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis ● Alicia: Diagnosis Coding of a CVA or TIA with No Late Effect (residual or deficit) ● Chandra: CMS Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool ● Alicia: Diagnostic Coding - Airbags ● Chandra: Cardiovascular System & Appendix ● Chandra: HIV ICD-10-CM Codes ● Laureen: CPT Coding for Lacerations I: Introduction ● Why stay? ● Where is everyone from? ● Recent CCO Graduates/ You Too? ● Announcements and Course Updates IV: Your Questions in the Chat III: Close - @ 90 min-’ish’ ● Wrapup ● Drawing ● CEU Certificate Download Link Ask Along the way in the Questions box. NOTE: We can’t answer every question. If your question isn’t selected, post it on our forum where fellow coders can help:
  3. 3. Why Stay To The End? Giveaway! Free Drawing of Your Choice of 1 of the following: Blitz Video Package | 2 CEU Webinars | 1 Hour Session with Laureen or Alicia and... Your AAPC CEU link for 1.5 CEUs (a change tonight)
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  5. 5. CCO Monthly Q&A Webinar CEU Changes Webinar Attendees: Accessed within 24 hours ● * $5 - Worth 1 to 1.5 CEU per meeting ● Webinar Attendees: After 24 hours (only available to Replay Club Members): * $0 - Included in your membership ($19.95 month) New Webinar CEU Pricing effective NOVEMBER 2015 * Don’t need CEU’s? Continue to attend the CCO webinar for free!
  6. 6. First Webinar With Us? Poll How many CCO webinars have you attended?
  7. 7. CONGRATULATIONS to... Kim Lecus 12/05/2015 Completed CPC Blitz Roxanne Weller 12/14/2015 Completed CPC Course Victoria Germann 12/19/2015 Completed CPC Course Dawn Shaw 12/19/2015 Completed CPC Course Pauline Frazier 12/19/2015 Completed CPC Blitz Wanda Pavlat 12/21/2015 Completed CPC Blitz Michelle Spoden 12/23/2015 Completed CPC Blitz Tara Goettel 12/29/2015 Completed CPC Course Kathleen Bachand 12/29/2015 Completed MTA Course Jeanine Monagle 12/30/3015 Completed CPMA Course (PBMA) Marva Nitti 12/31/2015 Completed CPC Blitz, Practice Exams, PBC Course
  8. 8. CONGRATULATIONS to... Tina Knospe 01/01/2016 Completed CPC Blitz Karen Shewmaker 01/01/2016 Completed CPC Blitz Yara Romain 01/04/2016 Completed CPC Blitz Ann Fisher 01/08/2016 Completed MTA Course Hannah Gross 01/08/2016 Completed CPC Course (PBC) Kirk Neal 01/04/2016 Completed CPC Course (PBC) Angela Castillo 01/03/4016 Completed CRC Course Kim Lecus 12/05/2015 Passed CPC Exam Victoria Germann 12/19/2015 Passed CPC Exam Dawn Shaw 12/19/2015 Passed CPC Exam Pauline Frazier 12/19/2015 Passed CPC Exam Wanda Pavlat 12/21/2015 Passed CPC Exam
  9. 9. CONGRATULATIONS to... Michelle Spoden 12/23/2015 Passed CPC Exam Tara Goettel 12/29/2015 Passed CPC Exam Tina Knospe 01/01/2016 Passed CPC Exam Karen Shewmaker 01/01/2016 Passed CPC Exam Yara Romain 01/04/2016 Passed CPC Exam Hannah Gross 01/08/2016 Passed CPC Exam Kirk Neal 01/04/2016 Passed CPC Exam Roxanne Weller 12/14/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment Marva Nitti 12/31/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment Peg Wagner 12/31/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment Wanda Pavlat 1/29/2016 Passed ICD-10 Assessment
  10. 10. Coding Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Question: If the only documentation is metastatic breast, how do I code it like a secondary site or primary? ANSWER
  11. 11. Diagnosis Coding of a CVA or TIA with No Late Effect (residual or deficit) Question: If a physician dictates that a patient recently had a CVA with no residuals, what would be the correct ICD-10 code? (I'm coding from a rehabilitation facility (aftercare services) ANSWER
  12. 12. CMS Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool Question: Is it possible to provide the step-by-step instructions for the use of the CMS Fee Schedule Look-up Tool that Chandra recommended? ANSWER
  13. 13. Poll Poll Poll - Are You Certified?
  14. 14. Diagnostic coding in ICD-10 for Airbags in Transport Accidents Question: Diagnostic coding in ICD-10 for Airbags in Transport Accidents ANSWER
  15. 15. Poll What AAPC coding credential do you HAVE?
  16. 16. What coding credential do you WANT? Poll
  17. 17. HIV ICD-10-CM codes Question: On the HIV codes, when do you use the Z code versus the B code? Would you code the patient as being active if they have a history of it? ANSWER
  18. 18. So what are our Students saying about CCO? CCO Student Testimonials What Benefits Have You Experienced From Working With CCO? Learning how to mark up my books so that they make more sense when looking for codes. What Specific Results Have You Gained From The Education At CCO ? Passing my CPC boards and landing my first billing job. Does Our Training At CCO Help You In Our Career Or Your Work Place? Does It Save You Time Or Money? I would say both. Thanks Rose! You’ve been “Perked” in CCO VIP
  19. 19. When You Become A CCO VIP... You Do Stuff… & Earn Rewards! Details & Register Now: It’s FREE!
  20. 20. It’s FREE! Join Now! Limited Seats Available! Details & Register Now:
  21. 21. Cardiovascular System & Appendix Question: Can you cover Cardiovascular System (Relating Appendix L To Codes 36200-36299)? ANSWER
  22. 22. Poll - What region of the country are you from? Poll
  23. 23. CPT Coding for Lacerations Question: I am interested in your opinion on how to code length of laceration if ED doc doesn't document and they don't respond to queries - it is frustrating. Is it compliant to code the laceration to the lowest length? If that is the reason for visit - we are stumped as to what to do. ANSWER
  24. 24. New Blitz Reviews Ready for You In 2015, you loved our CPC and our ICD-10-CM Blitzes For 2016, we have a full selection of Blitz Reviews! ➢ CPC Review ➢ ICD-10-CM ➢ ICD-10-PCS ➢ COC - Outpatient ➢ CIC - Inpatient ➢ RA - Risk Adjustment ➢ 2016 CPT Updates
  25. 25. Questions In The Chat Your Webinar Chat Team
  26. 26. Links Referenced in the Webinar Forum - Testimonial - BookStore - Swag Store - MAUD Webinar Link - ICD-10 Blitz - ICD-10 Full - RA HCC - MCB - Course List - Replay Club - Facebook - YouTube - CEU Link - CCO VIP Program - Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Look Up Tool -
  27. 27. Happy Coding!
  28. 28. Thanks For Coming! Get Value?