May 2013 Medical Coding Q&A Webinar


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Slides from the May 2013 CCO Medical Coding Certification Q&A Webinar

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May 2013 Medical Coding Q&A Webinar

  1. 1. Coding Certification Q & AWebinar - May 2013 Jandroep, CPCSr. Instructor, CodingCertification.Org
  2. 2. PollPoll - How many CCOwebinars have youattended?
  3. 3. Who is Laureen?• Graduated with a Bachelors inOccupational Therapy• Owned and Managed RehabAgency• Owned and Managed MedicalBilling Company• Owned and Managed Billing andCoding School - brick and mortaras well as online• Started National CodingDiscussion List "Coding &Reimbursement Network" - nowthe CCO-L• Sold Online School which is now operatedby AAPC• Currently works full time for 3M HIS/CodeRyte as a Clinical DevelopmentSpecialist• Teaches Coding Certification Review Blitzas well as other coding seminars.• Has taken and passed the CPC, CPC-H,CCS-P, CCS, RCC and currently maintainsher CPC, CPC-I and new CPPM credentials• Married since 1989 with 5 kids (1 grownstep-son and 4 little onesage 7 and under.
  4. 4. Who is Laureen?
  5. 5. Who is Alicia?•  Held several jobs in the medical field from, CNA, EMT, Pharmacy technicianand Medical Records Abstractor, Analyst and Nursing.•  Joined the AAPC and became certified as a CPC in 2011•  Working towards Masters in Healthcare Administration with an emphasis oneducation.•  Former Instructor at a private college teaching medical coding and billingand medical law and ethics.•  Working now as a remote Medicare Advantage Coder for Optum.•  Alicia will tell you that not only does she love medicalcoding but she has a passion for teaching it.•  Presently Alicia lives in West Texas and is marriedwith six children (no that is not a typo!)
  6. 6. Who is Alicia?
  7. 7. • Master of Ceremonies for CCO Q&AWebinars• Web Administrator forCodingCertification.Org• Business coachWho is Boyd?
  8. 8. And the rest of the CCO Webinar Team?Lisa Perez – Marketing DirectorRuth Sheets, CPC-A, Administrative SpecialistSylvia Ann Wiegand, Administrative Assistant – HelpdeskRead More
  9. 9. Stay to the EndFor...•  Giveaways•  AAPC CEU IndexCode for 1 CEU
  10. 10. Special Announcement: WEBINAR CEUs !Monthly CCO Webinars:•  * Now worth 1 CEU•  per meeting•  * 12 free CEUs per year-Regular Attendees-Replay Club Members
  11. 11. Laurie Hardin (passed CPC 4/20/13)Carmen Lassiter (passed CPC 04/25/13)Amarjit Singh (I am CPC as of December 2012 and my wife as of January 2013)Deborah Riddle (passed CPC)Kimberly Kerr (passed CPC)Diann DeAngelis (passed CPC)Denise Hattub (passed CPC)Anyone else out there who passed recently?Congratulations to...
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  13. 13. Student Case StudiesOur Special Guest Tonight...Diann DeAngelis, CPC-ABlitz customer and a NurseThank you note
  14. 14. PollPoll - What codingcredential do youWANT?
  15. 15. Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA)Physician Based Coding Course (PBC)Review Blitz Video Package (included in PBC)150 Question Downloadable Practice Exam (included in PBC)Combo MTA + PBC Course (includes all of the above)NEW - Facility Based Medical Coding (FBC) (CPC-H course)CEU WebinarsICD-10-CM MiniCourseCodingCertification.Org/ProductsQuick Outline of Product Lineup
  16. 16. Coding Detached RetinaA case of patient being seen for a detached retina.ANSWER
  17. 17. During my internship Ive noticed that some CPT codesare reported to Medicare using a HCPCS code (often aG code). I assume somewhere on the CMS site I canfind a correlation of these codes, so I can write them inmy book, but I have not yet. Any idea where I couldlook?Thanks!ANSWERCPT vs HCPCS codes
  18. 18. Coding for Physicals- V70.0 vs V72.3xSharla asks -When pt presents for annual physical and has GYNcomponents to the exam, which ICD-9 would be used asprimary dx V70.0 or V72.3x? There is conflicting informationout there on this subject, it seems some folks use bothcodes with V70.0 as primary and some only use V72.3x.ANSWER
  19. 19. I would love to hear some discussion on the differences of the diagnostic/therapeutic wedge resections (32666 - 32668) and also the wedgeresections/biopsies (32607-32608). There is a lot of confusion with thesecodes between our coders, surgeons, and auditing department. Manytimes the surgeons will leave out wording such as complete resection orattention to margins and we have been told to then code it as a 32608 (fora lung mass) - even though the number of incisions and the rest of the opnote and path report matches the description for a therapeutic wedge. Thereimbursement is considerably different and this is causing a great deal ofstress between departments. Id really enjoysome information on this!! ANSWERCoding for Lungs and Pleura Procedures
  20. 20. EMR VendorsI keep hearing about different EMR vendors. What are themore common ones that I should be aware of?ANSWER
  21. 21. I work in a Outpatient Cancer Center Facility and have a question on a newpatient E&M visit. We have a new patient that scheduled a SecondOpinion/New patient consultation appt. Patients family came into the officewithout the patient for second opinion regarding his disease management.The patient was too ill to come into the appointment. Do you know if thereis a New Patient E&M visit that we can bill? The visit was more than 30minutes with more than 50% of the time in counseling.ANSWERNew Pt Consult w/Family & Pt not Present
  22. 22. Nerve Block Follow up CareWhen coding continuous nerve blocks 64415, 64446 or64448 how do you code for the follow up when the patient issent home with the catheter and the follow up is being donevia telephone by the anesthesiologist?ANSWER
  23. 23. If a patients cc is throwing up/diarrhea, and the patientreceived an IV Push of Zofran & hydration for 2 hours,would it be coded as 96374, 96361 (2)? Also, are thereany cheat sheets or flow charts that explain how to codeinfusions, pushes & hydrations? - Kathy OANSWERIV Push/Hydration
  24. 24. Elevated TroponinWhat is the correct code for elevated troponin, withoutmention of any definite diagnosis-790.5/790.6 or 790.99?- SujidhaANSWER
  25. 25. Coding Difficult Op ReportsBilateral Myocutaneous Pectoralis Muscle FlapANSWER
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  29. 29. Our Facility Based Coding (FBC) Course is built andaccepting students NOW - will you be one of them?Prepares you for the CPC-H® which is Non-InpatientHospital Coding.$300 Off Until?......Anyone else thinking of getting this credential?(poll)CPC-H® Course Open
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